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A lot altercation afresh has been about how Classic dungeons/raiding will be so simple and that those of us who played boilerplate and bethink it accepting a claiming were just wrong. About I don't anticipate it is that simple, as Classic is basically a completed bold and Boilerplate was a connected Plan in Progress. A lot of of what is included here, was not replicated on "other" servers and will not be on classic.

What I ambition to do is to highlight the a lot of absorbing things from anniversary application during Vanilla. Sometimes the aboriginal change listed way down the annual afflicted this bold consistently - 1.3.0 "You can now accept assorted activity confined on awning at the aforementioned time". The all-embracing "flow" of changes was to access the availability and adeptness of items, and achieve players ambition to access them by hardly advance the "experience", bargain materials, beneath respawns and patrols etc. At the aforementioned time, abounding chic issues were addressed and improvements made. There were complete few changes that fabricated annihilation added difficult, the all-inclusive majority was to achieve things easier.

For the annual of time (and my sanity) this annual is not all-embracing and I did not cover bug fixes unless they were huge. No agnosticism there was accoutrements of undocumented changes or things I overlooked. I accept carefully larboard out a lot of chic changes because there was so abounding of them, and it is difficult for me to acknowledge their significance.

# US Absolution Adaptation (1.1.0) - Nov 2004

- Undead are now humanoid and cannot be targeted by anti-undead advocate abilities (Would accept been so abundant fun if it was larboard in)

- Racials, Hunter and Advocate Talents abandoned added on release

- Paladins were absolutely reworked

- XP appropriate column akin 30 increased

# 1.1.1 - Nov 2004

- Mark of the Wild, Arcane Intellect & Adeptness Word: Fortitude had their reagents removed - no one would anytime ambition to casting them on you in the world, something that is complete accepted in beta

- Befuddlement nerfed pre akin 30

# 1.2.0 - Dec 2004 (EU absolution adaptation was 1.2.1)

- Maraudon, Gurubashi FFA Arena & Winter Veil

- Accept acclaim for kills even if you die during activity - that's right, you die = no loot

- Befuddlement reworked and nerfed - this is something that those of us on US absolution adeptness apprehension a big difference, it was simple to die at low levels because you could just never run abroad from mobs, alternation daze, no movement abilities

- Dying in MC appropriate you to aggregate your body in BRD

- "Several" Instance administration and sub-bosses levels bargain (All nerfed, not described)

# 1.3.0 - Mar 2005

- Dire Maul, Alfresco Arrest Bosses

- An access to MC was added on a window next to an NPC - acutely this was a architecture blank and a endure added fix, players had to run through BRD if you wiped in MC which makes no faculty and fabricated resets yield forever

- Alcove sets upgraded from their placeholders (5 months afterwards absolution abounding items were still placeholders)

- Dungeons clearly arrest admeasurement capped: Raids were 40, Blackrock Spire 15, Dire Maul 5, all others 10 - allegedly leveling dungeons could be raided, I never bethink accomplishing this until BRD

- Footlockers added in accidental locations so Rogues could in fact akin lock picking, was about absurd otherwise

- "Miss" now broadcast to affectation Block, Dodge and Parry (All were just "miss" before)

- Training costs bargain for all classes

- Nerfed abounding alfresco areas (Ships, camps, caves), mobs abhorrence beneath as well

- Silithus mobs in fact had boodle tables added (Literally all mobs in silithus abandoned annihilation afore this point)

- Numbers and Symbols no best actualization to adverse band - this was a lot of fun as you could taunt them afore this was fixed

- Adventure tracking, babble bubbles and golfclap all added

- Respawn timers nerfed in abounding dungeons, and had added nerfs (Hp, accident reductions etc.) acceptable to acclimatize for the new alcove caps

# 1.4.0 - April 2005

- Honor System, Basal Invasions, Gurubashi Event

- Advocate and Warlock Ballsy arise quests added, old ballsy mounts upgraded

- +Healing now works with Alleviate over time

- Mana regen window afflicted to addict spirit

- Charm and Polymorph can now be reactively countered (By shapeshifting for instance)

- Aboriginal instances of abbreviating allotment in PVP (Frost Shock, Entangling Roots and Frost Nova)

- Spell Accident and Healing buffed overall

- Body Active nerfed on Azuregos appointment by abacus Mark of Frost, which freezes anyone with the debuff and persists through death

- Blackrock Depths bang-up levels nerfed (Bael'Gar, Incendius and Argelmach)

- Baroness Anastari nerfed, players who were came out of control now had abounding bloom (death was accepted before)

- Ragnaros' despawn/kill window added from 1 hours to 2

- 46 new attenuate items were added to Strath and Scholo

- All arrest administration accustomed abounding new items, about all of these items added to near-max akin (improved)

- 1.4.1 - Honorless ambition arrangement added (Month later)

# 1.5.0 - June 2005

- Battlegrounds, Honor arrangement improved

- Questing from 40-55 abundantly improved, abounding new quests and hubs (Hinterlands, Tanaris etc.)

- Cloth turn-in's added for band rep

- Abounding improvements and additions to flight paths

- About all annual sets had buffs

- Hunter+Priest ballsy weapon adventure bead ante improved

- New arrest epics added

# 1.6.0 - July 2005

- BWL, Darkmoon Faire, Battlemasters (BG Queuing)

- Above spell alternation reworks, accident now occurs if targets are allowed to accessory furnishings (immune to apathetic took no accident from frost nova)

e.g. Blessing of Abandon acclimated to anticipate accident from abundant abilities " Will now adverse the movement impairing furnishings of Frostbolt, Cone of Cold, Frost Shock. It will no best anticipate the accident taken by Frost Nova, Hamstring, Wing Clip, Apperception Flay, Counterattack, or Blast Beachcomber or the affray and ranged advance acceleration slowing furnishings of Cripple

- Will of the Forsaken nerfed (Finally)

- Shadowform preists can now casting mounts, mine, barter abilities etc. the lockout now abandoned applies to angelic spells

- Warriors accustomed a big rework and abounding improvements

- Arrest UI upgraded, added about-face bang linking, added added flight paths and graveyard arrangement improvements

- Scholo and Strath nerfs, Ramstein and Baron can be attempted assorted times - before, Baron's aperture would abide bankrupt and you could not re-engage him if you wiped

- Abounding new recipes for professions

# 1.7.0 - Sept 2005

- Zul'Gurub, Arathi Basin

- Battlegrounds are now akin affiliated (20-29, 30-39 etc.)

- Debuff absolute added to 16 - huge change!

- Weapon switching tricks nerfed (Cooldown added to switching)

- You can now appearance airheaded and accoutrements while you are dead

- Some big chic changes - Hammer of Wrath added, big Hunter changes, Cat anatomy buffed again

- Black Lotus no best soulbound

- Flasks now abide through death

- All items with aegis were nerfed by 33% - the carbon was "underestimated"

- Racial Leaders buffed, boodle window improvements, can now appearance items that crave acceptability even if you don't accommodated requirements

# 1.8.0 - Oct 2005

- Blooming Dragons, Silithus completed

- Weapon Acceleration Normalisation - absolutely afflicted to how weapons were handled if it comes to acceleration for burning abilities, across-the-board changes to weapon itemisation as a result

- Repair costs counterbalanced and buybacking added to vendors

- A lot of new quests added

- Acceptability now shows numeric values

- Tech afflicted to abate awash breadth backward "substantially"

- Added bulk of players in PVP ranks 6 to 14

- Alterac Valley reworked to be abundant faster and balanced

- Hit adventitious now counteracts absence amends of bound wielding (buff to acerbity warriors especially)

- ZG nerfed, Vael annihilate timer removed

# 1.9.0 - Jan 2006

- Ahn'Qiraj

- Aliment buffs no best stack

- 15 Minute Chic based advocate blessings added - acknowledge fuck for that

- Arrest locking arrangement afflicted to be server "reset" based. Acclimated to be admission based.

- Linked Above City Bargain Houses and Barter Channels

- New Bank 2 clear models

- Some appealing big Advocate changes

- Added a Shaman blackmail abridgement totem

- Conjure baptize buffed from 4 to 10!

- Broadcast berserking in fact fabricated PVE viable, acclimated to crave accepting crit in adjustment to use it

- Orc racials nerfed slightly

- Stoneform no best snared the player

- Acceptability assets improved, abounding adventure improvements

- Brotherhood UI improved, added tip of the day to loading screens, a lot of interface and Superior of activity changes

- Nexus crystals, abracadabra oils and attenuate angle schools added

- Ample bulk of annual fixes and changes, bead bulk increases and improvements

- 1.9.3 - ZG accustomed some huge changes, mainly nerfs

# 1.10.0 - Mar 2006

- Weather!

- Bank 0.5 added - for whatever reason

- Widespread annual buffs in pre-raid areas, 5-10 man dungeons

- Strath, Scholo and BRD assuredly fabricated 5 man, BRS 10 man

- Akin 60 XP assets adapted to Gold (5g per 8000xp apparently) - complete cogent change to gold bearing imo

- Flight aisle chains were now automated - you had to manually fly to anniversary bulge before

- Hunter weapon acceleration normalised to 2.8

- AV no best has players bottomward "race items", Broadcast Mojo, Dwarf spines

- Removed Korrack the bloodrager from AV

- BG Rep accretion increased

- On use bagatelle stacking nerfed

- Abounding compound absolute requirements nerfed

- BRS slight nerfs

- 2 BRD administration buffed

- Added crates in Strath

# 1.11.0 - June 2006

- Naxxramas

- Aptitude balloon now decays with time (-5g per month, minimum 10g)

- Keyrings added, 12 @ 60

- Abounding stackable items buffed to 20

- A lot of consumables now allotment cooldowns

- Absolution timers removed from instances

- A lot of appealing big class/spell changes

- Acting annual buffs now abide through zoning and logging out (such as poisons)

- A lot of end bold quests added

- Added Arrest warnings, accessible checks and arrest admonition panel

- Added Ambition of Target

- Added out of ambit indicators on activity bars

- 15 new flight paths (21 counting 1.10)

- Can no best breadth into arrest if a bang-up is affianced (nerfed graveyard/corpse rushing)

- ZG added new items/drops

- AQ some babyish nerfs

- Added crafting absolute nerfs, attributes abide accessory added for AQ

- UI now displays bulk of looted items

- A lot of API/addon changes

# 1.12.0 - Aug 2006

- Cross-Realm Activity Grounds

- Some cogent chic changes, Rogues buffed, alpha of acute healing (chain heal)

- Honor Annihilate bulk of abate reduced, Apple PVP Objectives

- Deserter debuff now expires offline - you had to sit there online cerebration about what you did

- City guards can now see vanished rogues

- Boodle window timer increased

- Huge access to amphibian activity text

- Blackmail abridgement changes

- ZG + AQ adventure rewards buffed

One of the added camp I actuate was in application 1.4.1: Encouraging City raids? I don't bethink this.

- Archbishop Benedictus staged a acting coup, and has taken the appellation of NPC baton of Stormwind City from Highlord Bolvar! Horde gluttonous to yield out the baton of Stormwind should focus their efforts on Archbishop Benedictus for the duration. These changes will abide until the next agreeable patch, if Highlord Bolvar reclaims his applicable throne:

a, Archbishop Benedictus should be respawning every 2 hours.

b, Archbishop Benedictus will accord 15,000 addition points.