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​W0W Classic - Profession Dilemma

news Jun-08-2019

​W0W Classic - Profession Dilemma

My aboriginal instincts for my capital (human mage) are to akin two of the following: skinning, herbalism, or mining. This would be carefully for the gold potential. Aloft added absorption I am alpha to anticipate that maybe I should do either herbalism/alchemy or tailoring/herbalism.

Hebalism/alchemy would accord me the adventitious to akin with admission to potions and accord me befalling to acquire gold at a afterwards time, if there is added gold on the server.

Tailoring/herbalism would acquiesce me to actualize my own accessory and accoutrements as able-bodied as advertise bags. The acquisition of herbs would aswell accord me assets abeyant throughout the game. I assumption it appear down to is the conception of your own items and accessory bigger than gold potential.

The potions you accomplish will not absolutely admonition while leveling. You just will not charge them generally enough. You accept absolute food, water, and backbone gems and are a chic with absurd survivability.

The abandoned affair that absolutely makes gold with Alchemy are your adapt cooldowns and these are abandoned admired already the added accepted Essences become accustomed and bead in price. Besides attenuate recipes, raw abstracts are about consistently traveling to be added admired on the server than accomplished products. The abandoned barring to this are flasks and you will not be authoritative any of those while you level.

Tailors can accomplish 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 accoutrements (not gonna acknowledgment the 18 slot, you will not be authoritative that for a while).

They require:

- 6 Linen,

- 9 Wool,

- 20 Silk (or 12 Silk + 2 Abundant Leather),

- 20 Mageweave,

- 25 Runecloth + 2 Rugged Leather,

- 20 Runecloth + 2 Felcloth (and a 92 hour Tailoring cooldown)


When you accept 24 Linen and are akin 10, aces up Tailoring.

Go into the average of the boondocks Goldshire and bawl "Turning all Linen Bolt into Bags, abandoned 6 Linen Bolt for a Bag, FREE!" and stop accepting all trades if your Linen totals to 90. Accomplish the Linen Bolts, W0W classic gold go apprentice Linen Bag, accomplish the bags, accumulate your 4, accord the 11 away.

Then anon bead Tailoring and aces up Skinning and Herbalism. It costs 10 chestnut to apprentice your aboriginal profession and 1 argent to apprentice your second, you'll save 90c this way, about the amount of your Skinning Knife.

Alliance get two 10 aperture accoutrements from quests in Duskwood and Wetlands. Alliance aswell get an 8 aperture bag from a adventure alternation in Westfall.

Both factions get one 4 aperture bag from quests in Westfall and Durotar, respectively, but we don't care.

You don't wish to absorb your Wool or Silk or Mageweave on annihilation but bandages, they're all bottlenecks for leveling Aboriginal Aid and you're acceptable still traveling to charge to farm/buy bolt just to accumulate it leveled.

If you're smart, these 50 bag slots will get you to 56. Just bell-ringer aggregate or mail it to an alt you made, logged into once, and afresh logged out of (you'll accept 30 canicule to accord with it).

At 50, you'll alpha seeing Runecloth. Already you get 5 endless and 8 Rugged Covering (you can amalgamate your lower covering to get these) and advise akin 56, go to the city, buy your next rank of Frostbolt, and acquisition a Tailor to accomplish you the bags. Now you accept 72 slots and you're home.

- But I can accomplish accessory for my mage with tailoring!

So? What are you traveling to make? Linen will accomplish you a +1 Int Robe, +2 Int/Spirit Britches, and +2 Int/Stam Boots - but the accomplishment requirements for the recipes are all over the abode and they're inefficient.

Wool will accomplish you some +2 Int/Spirit Gloves, a +3 Int Cloak, a +5 Int +4 Stam Robe, and some +1 Int +6 Spirit Pants over the endure brace you made.

Etc, etc. It's not until Silk that you see any + Spell Accident gear, which is the abandoned carbon that absolutely helps you akin faster, and again, they're inefficient agency to akin the profession and actual accessory upgrades.

These stats are so minor, you just don't charge them. Adventure and alcove accessory will exhausted them and now your Aboriginal Aid is pitifully low. Just level!

So now you're 60, you accept a ton of Covering and a ton of Herbs (maybe), what's next?

Drop Skinning and akin Tailoring in the a lot of able way possible, application your Mooncloth cooldown ASAP and crafting one of anniversary of Dreamweave Circlet, Azure Shoulders, Frostweave Gloves, and Star Belt.

Then run LBRS, a lot. You'll get the Funeral Cuffs and the Skyshroud Leggings, but a lot of chiefly (and hopefully), the compound for Bathrobe of the Archmage. You'll aswell accept the key to UBRS, which makes you admired for accepting into those groups for the Neck and Trinkets.

Craft the robe, advertise or about-face whatever Mooncloth you accept into Accoutrements and afresh bead Tailoring forever. Aces up Alchemy, powerlevel it with all those herbs, and do what you want.