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May-20-2019 Categories: news

So let me acrylic this picture. 10 players all are in altered layers. I actualize my brotherhood and bung them all an invite. Now all 10 players will move into my band (presumably) . This admonition will be vital. Now I accept added bulk associates who aren't in my brotherhood about we are all in our brotherhood discord.

I ask 3 players who are still not in the brotherhood to accommodated at point A.

- Amateur 1 (guildmaster) in Band 1

- Amateur 2 does not see amateur 1, appropriately in band 2.

- Amateur 3 does not see amateur 1 or amateur 2, appropriately in band 3.

- Amateur 4 does not see amateur 1 and 3 but can see amateur 2, appropriately in band 2.

Now alive this info, I will acquaint them via animosity we will authority off acutely agreeable you to the brotherhood and analysis a theory.

I will now accept Amateur 2 and amateur 3 allure a guildie who is in band 1 into a group. Will that guildie be confused into a new layer? If so we may accept an affair now.

Now I accept my 50-70 guildies on animosity ambience up a plan. Accept my 3 scouts in anniversary band attending for and defended ohhhh Lupos. Now I can't try to get all my hunters in my brotherhood their lupos bound and efficiently.

Now I accept 3 layers to acreage blaze elementals or herbs/nodes that we can animation our guildies with.

Sure apple administration will not be in 3 layers and those layers may be gone at that point, for the aboriginal few weeks, we accept an befalling to adapt and yield advantage of the band system. By carefully not accept all our guildies in the aforementioned layers and knowing, if alignment with friends, they "phase" into your layer. There seems to be a abeyant way to hop about layers and classic wow buy gold that will be X bulk of added assets to acreage until we assuredly lose all the layers.

Organized hardcore guilds will be demography advantage of this feature. You apperceive abuse able-bodied we accept speedrunners and the devilsaur mafia will do it's best to accomplish abiding they can ascendancy as abounding layers as accessible until they are affected to merge.