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​WOW Classic - Blizzard announces post-Naxx agreeable and rewards

news Apr-08-2019

​WOW Classic - Blizzard announces post-Naxx agreeable and rewards

Hello all! Blizzard paid us a lot of money to accumulate this abstruse but the admonition is just too admired to be in the easily of the mod team. We acquire heard from several accepted Blizzard advisers about post-naxx content. We acquire aswell accustomed tidbits of advice from aloft Blizzard agent Mike "Trap-money Mike" Morheim apropos these events.

Following the defeat of Kel'thuzad (or Katie as we like to alarm her), the afterward items will be apart for that absolute guild:

- Server advanced announcement.

- Brotherhood account to be displayed at the Darkmoon Fair.

- Fast biking to all faction-specific cities.

- 420 gold per player.

Developer's comments: Grats on killing KT! Don't let all that gold bonfire through your pocket.

- Unlocks Death Knight Chic for all players.

Developer's comments: We feel that in befitting with the undead affair of Naxx that players should be able to acquaintance this affair in the accessible world. Players will acquire a adapted figure next to their band in the new actualization conception awning to play as a Death Knight. Due to abstruse limitations, the Death Knight chic will be chase bound to Goblin and Worgen only wow classic gold.

- Aerial will be apart central only.

Developer's comments: In beta testing alfresco flying, we begin that players were accepting to breadth they were traveling at a faster bulk than they would acquire if they absolved or took a flight path. We apparent that players basic to absorb added time central than outdoors. Additionally, after-effects showed that players abreast the end of a alcove did not like to airing aback afterwards a wipe. We acquire heard and listened to these complaints and acquire added aerial central so that players may biking from one end of the inn to the added in almanac time. Because of this addition, alfresco aerial (with the barring of FPs) will be disabled. So that agency no added application zeppelins. Slowfall avalanche beneath this chic as well!

- 1 day all admission canyon to GM island.

- 69 aperture brotherhood bank.

- Toggle advantage to alter training dummies with reside gnomes in basic cities.