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​W0W Classic - According to this sub

news Jul-14-2019

​W0W Classic - According to this sub

According to this sub:

Everyone on this sub has a top end job and makes millions of dollars. They started out arena W0W in diapers, and now own a abundance dollar aggregation while their 17 wives and 700 accouchement ball in their mansion. The ONLY acumen they are coming aback to Classic W0W is because it is the analogue of gaming, they are the apotheosis of happiness, cheap classic W0W gold and their way of arena the bold is the alone way to acquire even a miniscule bulk of fun.

First and foremost you can't play a meme spec. But you in actuality acquire to play what is fun to you, behindhand if it is a meme blueprint or not. But you cannot raid, PvP, or even adore the bold as a meme spec. But you in actuality accept to play the game to adore it and not let anyone acquaint you otherwise, even if it bureau arena a meme spec.

You can't akin up a warrior. They die seven thousand times a additional while leveling and MC will be 99.9% acerbity warriors. You cannot play one.

You aswell cannot play a hunter. They can't bonfire a ranged weapon OR melee.

Taurens can affray beyond the absolute map as continued as it's in a beeline line.

Every server will acquire bags of streamers with billions of followers who will acquire the sole purpose of griefing every individual amateur they appear in acquaintance with to the best extent.

You will never see naxx.

There is no accessible chase for priest abreast from dwarf.

STV will acquire 70 billion rogues who will body affected anyone and accompany an absolute bulk of maxed out 60s to body affected aswell.

Classic W0W is the hardest and a lot of strategical mmo anytime made, and aswell Classic W0W is the easiest and atomic strategical mmo anytime made.

Druids, Paladins, and Shamans are abhorrent healers compared to priest. If you acquire to cycle a Druid, Paladin, or Shaman you can ONLY play alleviate spec.

Leeway bureau that you can be army active beyond the top of the map in STV and you can still hit anyone in anatomy bay.

Layering bureau that if you log in W0W will be individual player, and alone if you spam "invite asmongold layer" can you see added players.