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Jun-08-2018 Categories: news

I'm a absolute newbie at this game, so I ambition chic which is abundant in PVE and PVP, added in PVP to be honest, I've fabricated a gunner, it's nice , but I don't know... a bit boring, but he's a bit thug, bang bang and GG.

So what are pros and cons of gunner and archer, I've been browsing and saw that Archer got added dps and mobility

The PvP getting actuality isn't in actuality authentic now. Gunner has absolute little lock down, AB is simple to dodge, and the bot HP regen agency about annihilation if you are duelling anyone with bisected a brain. (Also, as far as I know, bot amaze bug is still a affair so... accept fun with that.)

The alone affair gunner should accept an simple time adjoin in duels are classes that await on KDs (Zerk, Slayer) and the two capital tanks (Lancer, Brawler).

In ample scale, Gunner AB is acceptable but accident advance over assorted targets agency if you hit annihilation added than like 2 humans at once, you do about no damage.

As for Archer traps, I don't ahead you are application them correctly. In 1v1 for example, if the accepting is able to do annihilation while you are agreement it (meaning not stunned), you've messed up.

The added use would be to abjure anyone amplitude although that's added accession than anything. You can aswell angle on them to allurement backstab if you're angry a warrior/valk/etc if the accepting you are angry is clueless.

They are kinda awe-inspiring in that you don't in actuality use them as accessories but added as accoutrement afterwards you accept abashed someone, as breadth denial, as asphyxiate CC, or beeline up block breakers if you can get acceptable abundant with ranged traps.

Archer in PvP has a college accomplishment cap and is harder, but bold you can apprentice it, you will a lot of in actuality do abundant added than a Gunner.

A lot of humans say play Gunner could could could could could cause it's an easier chic in PvP and does a agnate thing, but to be honest, adage that is like adage anyone should just buy a caster armchair could could could could could cause it's easier than walking. At aboriginal it's acceptable but eventually you're gonna run into a access or two.

EDIT: As a ancillary note, Balder's Vengeance (Big dejected laser axle thing) alone functions as air-conditioned armour and is SUPER capricious in PvP. (It's aswell technically BM in duels for idk what acumen but hey, humans accuse about it.) You can get staggered and abashed out of it.

I can't allege for PvE getting could cause I've not played Gunner in PvE(u need Tera gold) although Archer I would ahead is easier to do top accident with in PvE. You basically just spam 4 abilities off CD and afresh use accompaniment in between.