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May-18-2018 Categories: news

Been accepting a harder time chief on what chic to "main" anytime aback Tera alone on Tera gold console. Had a few bad healing adventures if messing about on throwaway characters so im acerb because authoritative a priest.

Just apprehensive alfresco of accumulation play what the priests abandoned levelling acquaintance is like. I'm imaging their low dps, doughy bloom and accepting congenital about healing/buffing others would accomplish it difficult.

Leveling agency little in this game, as aggregate starts end-game.

For the a lot of part, you'll accept an simple time accepting in to alcove queues though, but the priest playstyle is added of accouterment ample heals, buffs and shields, will throwing out alone a little bit of admiring damage. Glyphed Triple Nemesis debuffs an enemy's aegis so that your DPS can do added DMG // Activity Stars causes an AOE addict to your aggregation so they do added dmg // etc...

Priests are acutally adequately able-bodied with a nice bloom pool, as able-bodied as a big shield, cocky heal, cleanse, etc.

Outside of buffing and healing, you charge to focus on abstention attacks or mechanics that appear your way. Usually it depends on which alcove it is, so it's acceptable to apprehend up on what to do afore traveling in (in end-game dungeons.) Sometimes a healer can accomplish or breach a party, as a bang-up may crave a Plague artisan that can destory the affair if not done (good old canicule of Manaya's Core haha.)

Try it out and see, admitting don't apprehend do to lots of DMG. Why you got a downvote is above me. absolute able-bodied explained. and upvoted for others to see.

It's apparently that one accepting that believes DPS priest is a affair and will accomplish it their ambition in activity to accomplish others anticipate it is. Granted they accept started to accomplish healers body crit and abacus dmg, but Priests are meant to be abutment classes.

The abutting we got was the VM7 application breadth Abstruse were in actuality one of the top DPS classes due to some change in a bulk or something. It was hilarious.

Mystic accepting the top DPS class, wow haha. Did their thrall's just discharge out way added damage, or was it added of the Mystic's spells?

Edit- Sorry, to acknowledgment the question, yes they could in actuality discharge out added DMG than some classes, acceptation you could accept a "4th DPS" on the aggregation that aswell healed and gave chargeless Crit bonus. EZPZ LMN SQYZ.

I dont apperceive all the data and didn't accept acceptable accessory on my abstruse alt then, but I anticipate they could do a DPS build/gear rolls/etchings/etc and spam that Blast and Smite accomplishment with Accident Glpyhs and cooldown displace skills, on top of their accustomed auras, thralls etc.

There's a video about with a DPS Meter in Shadow Sanctuary of it, but can't acquisition it appropriate now.