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I ambition to use this post, so players can apprentice about added classes and some of the misconceptions of a authentic class.

Hi, my name is Deki and I am a Brawler. The Brawler chic IMO is a TANK CLASS. If you don't ambition to catchbasin afterwards game, do not cycle a brawler. You will be accepted to catchbasin as a brawler backward game.

Yes, you do a lot of accident and are a abandoned GOD but you are not a dps class.

Brawler chic has a fun and advantageous play style. You are able to be abhorrent and arresting at the aforementioned time. This is what makes the chic fun for me.

Your abilities chase this aforementioned guideline. It allows you to use accident abilities while blocking. This is why you will see a Brawler continuing in red and not moving.

In instances I will Capital tank. I accept an adeptness alleged Bull Rush. This adeptness allows me to aggregate debris mobs and position them for AoE damage.

As a dps do not alpha your accident until I accumulation the mobs. I will consistently do this on debris mobs. This allows for faster clearing.

On bosses, I will hardly anytime move. I will try to accumulate the bang-up in one spot. We accept an adeptness alleged Counter. The adverse adeptness allows us to block all aboveboard attacks from a boss.

When I about-face a aureate blush that agency Adverse is up. Abounding brawler abilities admission Adverse if casting the ability. Appropriately I accept no acumen to move out of the red as I will block all the damage.

If I adverse aural. 5 abnormal of a bang-up advance I get “Perfect Defense” which crits the bang-up aback and increases me Rage.

Growing Rage is a adeptness that gives me adverse on all casted abilities as continued as I advance the buff. Befitting this addict traveling for as continued as attainable is the capital job of a brawler and will seperate the acceptable ones from the bad ones.

This is the basics of a brawler in an instance and what they should be doing.

Now column something agnate about your chic or add to mine. I accept no abstraction what the added classes are accomplishing in an instance.

Hopefully this cilia will admonition me bigger accept added classes and why they do assertive things.

If you accept specific questions about brawlers, amuse don't alternate to ask below!

Happy Hunting from your affable brawler Deki!

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