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May-13-2018 Categories: news

So I started the bold 1.5 weeks ago and I play sorcerer. I downloaded the shinra dps beat and I've noticed that my dps is appealing low compared to valk and buy Tera gold gunners who accept the aforementioned or worse accessory than me.

I'm currently application frost metal weapon with aggregate frostmetal and all bank 3 crit accessories. (No + numbers on any of the frost metal gear).

I've looked online and the posts for sorcerers seems outdated. Are there any adequate sources I can yield a attending at (POVs or argument guides are fine) so I can up my dps?

I've been blockage abaft the bang-up a lot of of the time for base accident but it looks like the accident I do is beneath than a gunner with worse accessory than me cutting a bang-up from the side.

I'm arena a changeable elf sorcerer. I don't apperceive if that affects dps that much. Aback there's no allegory amid archimage and added dps classes with aforementioned accessory and ilvl I was just apprehensive if archimage is just this weak.

While archimage is somewhat weaker than some classes, it's absolutely up to the player's accomplishment level. My adherent mains a archimage and generally does way added dps than the others in the party.

That's the one affair I can't absolutely barometer though. I am comparing players who are abutting to my accessory (frostmetal no upgrades).

If I had stormcry and was accomplishing ilvl 412 or 431 dungeons I would absolutely be accomplishing added dps than a lot of players in the party.

So afterwards alive what accessory your adherent has vs the added players in the affair I don't absolutely apperceive if your adherent is just mechanically bigger than added players in the affair or just has bigger gear.

Even with stormcry, you will not be affirmed to out dps added players. While there are all-overs in ability due to accessory (like twistshard to frostmetal), a huge allotment of it is still amateur skill.

And all you can do for that is practice. I've apparent affluence of dps in stormcry I out dps as a lancer. I'm aswell in stormcry, but I've spent a ton of time animate on my rotations.

For my slayer, I would watch videos of slayers in rke and go through the Tera console gold video about anatomy by anatomy to see what they're accomplishing differently.

Dps isn't just gear, there's consistently something you can be convalescent on as continued as you affliction abundant to put in the effort.