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May-09-2018 Categories: news

Was it bad to alpha on one of the new servers? I started on fel..something felbane? Im on the ps4, but I bought tera for pc wayyyy aback when. There aren't that abounding humans around of Tera gold, so I don't apperceive if the server pop is low or if anybody is at end game.

In y'alls opinion, should I try to agent the pet from ps+, or is gold not that important?

Also, if I best a server that is not NA, the fel one, could anyone acquaint me, because I wish to try and get to max akin afore the 13th so I can get a chargeless appearance slot. I started out as abstruse and it has been absolutely fun healing dungeons.

Ohhhh and does anyone apperceive if there are traveling to be macho bound classes? I don't absolutely like arena changeable characters, because I adore seeing the pecs in all my armor.

Felbane? That's a PS4 NA server. In fact that's my server lol.

You don't see abounding humans at lower levels because humans just bullwork dungeons for a day until they're akin 65 instead of accomplishing the breathtaking avenue of the capital storyline, so you don't in fact see anybody abroad until absolute top levels.

The accent of gold changes depending on your interests. If you're added of a accidental player, gold isn't absolute important and you should get abundant just traveling about your business.

If you're a hardcore player, you'll charge a lot of gold to armamentarium crafting, accepting potables and potions, accepting the best Niveots, rerolling accessory for masterworks and the best stats, etc.

I don't absolutely use the pet, as all it does is spam my babble with "That isn't yours."

When you get to Highwatch you'll no best anticipate there isn't anybody in the server lol.

Currently Reaper (Elin) and Brawler (Human F) are the abandoned changeable abandoned classes, as Ninja (Elin) and Gunner (Elf F, Castanic F, eventually Elin as well) acquired the bold to crash, and Valkyrie (Castanic F) wasn't accessible during the application that Breathing is on.

Eventually Brawler will be opened to Human M as well, but apparently not for a continued time as it was abandoned appear in March 2018 on PC and breathing is about a year abaft PC.