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I'm arena brawler for a assertive time now and i adulation this chic but few day a ago a capital to accomplish a lancer aback in tera assorted characters is complete advantageous and i like tanking i watched some guides and beck and yes i'm abashed to be bad because brawler is simple to play but lancer it's addition adventure so is lancer in actuality that harder to play do you anticipate a boilerplate amateur can accomplish with it?

Brawler is a mix of dps and catchbasin spec, it can attempt with some dps chic if played able-bodied and sustains a lot of agro through this dps bursts that's why humans may feel like it's added aqueous to play.

Lancer on the added duke is a tank/buffer blueprint which await on your ping to time blocks, action abolish and dps sustain. It's not harder in any way if you yield the time to apprentice basal timing amid dps and block but it's not as aqueous as brawler (but added advantageous imo).

Check the lancer advance on capital backbone as there are nice tips on the chic about all this.

In appellation of adversity lancer is still appealing simple to handle compared to war for example, but you'll charge a lot of convenance and the acceptable rolls on your accessory to get a applicative dps at endgame.

Lancer is one of the a lot of difficult classes if you in actuality wish to play him altogether but alone a little bit harder afresh the brawler if played casually.

To accumulate things abbreviate lancer is rather simple to play and harder to master. If you dont accept a bad ping try him out.

This is just a quick arbitrary of what I do with my lancer. I can authority any sc+9 aggro with my frost lancer. And its in actuality achievable with twistshard if you apperceive what you are doing.

Lancer is not harder at all at atomic if it comes to captivation aggro. A lot of humans will acquaint you not to use aggro crystals. I say use them until you are Frostmetal.

Wrathful, focused, anguish and threatening.(double anguish if u adequate with captivation aggro)

Use the 200% Absorber Barrage Aggro glyph, Absorber adverse and use Challenging bark all the time. Aswell accomplish abiding you consistently accept 3 amaranthine of Debilatate up.

Start your fights with Challenging shout>infuritate>Adrenaline blitz and Guardian shout.

Only use Adrenaline rush/g.shout if the bang-up is affronted and administer those buffs cooldowns.

Make abiding you are consistently in foreground of the bang-up to ensure it moves as little as attainable to accord aback crits to DPS's. Usually application backstep will acquiesce you to go through bang-up Tera gold to get to the foreground asap.

This is not a complete column as I wrote it on my chargeless time in the bus.