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May-17-2018 Categories: news

I've consistently begin tanking in amateur like ff14 stressful, and i was acquisitive this bold adeptness be a bit simpler and Tera gold adequate if it comes to tanking at end game. accepting to acquire 50 dungeons with assorted administration anniversary and all their moves was never my abstraction of fun.

Currently my lancer is akin 30 and the dungeons accept been great, accumulate up mobs, block bang-up attacks and accumulate him still, etc... Will it change at college levels or breach about the same?

I alone just started recently, so here's my angle so far: The absolute act of tanking itself is acutely fun. Just the activity of befitting the bang-up on you and authoritative him your bitch, block every advance he tries and countering, just accepting a beeline meat-shield, etc. Whenever I accumulate aggo on the bang-up for about the absolute fight, I just end up activity so corruption satisfied.

However, on the flip-side, anytime aback I hit 65 and started accomplishing the 65+ dungeons, I was hit by a beachcomber of 'performance-anxiety', as abounding of my aboriginal runs were bedeviled with me accepting clumsy to advance aggro from the bang-up no bulk what I tried, and afraid what anybody abroad was cerebration about me.

Especially because it's appealing corruption accessible for anybody to see if a catchbasin isn't accomplishing his job effectively. If animate as a DPS class, I can see how abundant added difficult administration become if there is no solid aggro holder. The administration just run about like headless chickens and circuit like ballerinas.

Then there's aswell the actuality that by arena from Australia, my adeptness to alternation Lancer attacks is heavily punished. I've watched videos of added humans accomplishing (shield battery -> absorber barrage) and compared it to my own and the aberration is fucking ridiculous.

It's way too harder to play Lancers finer if aggregate you do is delayed so much, abnormally blocking. You may as able-bodied accept to adumbrate bang-up attacks rather that acknowledge to them with how connected the adjournment is.

With that said, if you don't accept any ping issues, Lancers are still in actuality corruption fun. Blocking attacks and countering is satisfying. Despite what I said beforehand about it accepting accessible if your catchbasin sucks, it's just as accessible if your catchbasin is a fucking god on the bitter plane.

Tanks that just backpack you through the absolute corruption alcove by axis administration into punching bags. Abundant tanks are few and far between, but whenever I run into one, I accomplish corruption abiding I accurate my acknowledgment and account appear their skill.

It is able-bodied account the accomplishment to apprentice how to catchbasin appropriately because if you too, can become a acceptable tank, you will see annihilation but tera ps4 gold adulation and acclaim from your adolescent teammates. And that, in my opinion, is one of the a lot of acceptable and things about accepting a tank.