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Jul-06-2018 Categories: news

I'm allegedly gonna get downvoted for this but the gender belted chic in fact kinda piss me off.

Now I'm a attenuate breed of mmo macho gamer who doesn't like arena as female, I adopt arena as macho and that shouldn't be restriction.

So i get the bold and I saw there was a reaper class, fucking alarming lemme see how to alleviate it, wait... oh I accept to play as a fucking loli if I wanna play as this class.

Ok how about gunner? Wait... oh. Aback I adopt to play as my absolute activity gender I'm already afresh accepting belted to basal ass classes so that these all-encompassing and over sexualized mmo girls can get their class.

It just in fact bothers me. At atomic even it out and accord one male-only chic or accomplish it to breadth there's no gender restriction. I apperceive they will not and this is candidly befitting me from arena the game.

I aswell adulation how abounding bowl armour on my macho appearance equals a abounding metal bikini on a changeable character. How charming. While I can see why the brake sucks, I aswell accept why it exists.

Like others accept mentioned, they're basically allotment the newer classes and accumulate them bound to the a lot of played race/gender rather than authoritative abounding sets of animations for all contest and afresh not accept them be played for the a lot of part.

Though, they did afresh add the macho brawler. Maybe that got just abundant absorption to accomplish them aggrandize the classes to added races/other gender.

Like the Brawlers, I've apparent maybe 3-4 altered armors and the blow are recolors. Maybe 1 isn't a thong and accessible covering advertisement a lot of of her chest/ a bra of metal. Sure, their admittance is traveling to be a thing, but it's the abandoned "style" of armor for changeable characters.

Sure it makes for adorable sexy/flashy art and charachter selection, but it just gets old. I adulation my rpg elements and for me it just feels unnimaginative and lazy.

Budget-wise it's simple because you're hardly authoritative an armor model, tera gold aback so abundant "skin" is traveling to be assuming anyway, but I wish about-face in my charachters afterwards accepting to absorb $10 on a clothing and tie so my charachter looks somewhat dressed.