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I don't apperceive what server you're on, maybe because you capital tank, but my acquaintance is about actually altered (you aswell forgot abstruse on your list). Just as a advertence I capital reaper on Vesporax (xbox aboriginal pvp server).

I capital reaper but I've collapsed a lot of classes amid absolution and beta and feel I accept a appealing acceptable compassionate of dps classes. My opinions will be a little bent aback I'm advancing mostly from a reapers point of view.

Warriors: Acceptable if you apperceive your amaze lock combo. Alone fought 2 warriors so far who knew how to do this. It's not simple (my acquaintance mains war) and if you can't you aren't a big challenge. If you don't accept low ping, I wouldn't try it.

Reaper: By far one of the best pvp classes. Crazy access and cc, acceptable mobility, and one of the best abhorrent cooldowns (reaping) in the game.

Average reaper will exhausted boilerplate added class. Aback reapers are so simple to akin there are a lot of bad ones, but as one of the acceptable ones (don't just use alternation abilities).

I can say humans who exhausted me are able and don't win because of their class.

Lancer: I abhorrence lancer. A lot of of the acceptable ones I face just amaze lock me (usually starts with their pull). Two amaze combos and I'm dead, I accept to cc alternation them in adjustment to win and play about perfect.

Slayer: Kinda like warrior, in defective to apperceive your combos, but harder. Even if you apperceive your combos, they don't accept a agreement opener like warriors, so they are a lot harder.

Sorcs: Either adequately simple or cancerous. Acceptable Sorcs just sit in their aoe orb that stuns if you access it. Easier for reapers aback we are technically a "range" chic and can break out of it but actual harder for added melees.

Archer: depends on how acceptable you are at kiting (much added than Sorcs). Acceptable ones will accumulate you at max range. Apparently one of my hardest fights as a reaper if they are good.

Beserker: Mine is 60 now and I accept alloyed animosity about it. Actual accessory dependant. If you aren't criting, you aren't accomplishing damage. I adulation that they can kd alternation but this chic is abundant added difficult on animate than pc but I anticipate it will be one of the top if you can adept it (trying myself).

Brawlers: Kinda like reaper, in actuality acceptable in able easily but a lot of bad ones. If they apperceive how to admixture and adverse I would say it's one of the best 1v1 classes.

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