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Aug-10-2018 Categories: news

Disclaimer: Be alert that I am on console.

I accept two dps characters. Reaper and Sorc. I aswell accept gunner but she's on the aback burner for the time being.

I feel like my circling and glyphs are bigger set up on my reaper than my sorc.

I tend to get appealing big crits with my reaper with just accomplishing either Shear>Grim>Sunder or Smite>Grim>Sunder.

With the blah Crit Factor glyph on austere and aswell glyphing for austere accomplishing added dmg on microburst (and aswell the one on the Spin advance for if I accept mobs).

If I can do bigger let me apperceive cuz that's just my capital two not including the addict to myself of course.

I'm added afraid about my sorc. Usually on every bang-up I use the addict that increases the dmg of Cabalistic and Meteor.

I aswell glyph Nova for the acting Crit Factor. So I about do Nova> to the chained accomplishment that I consistently overlook the name of but it's dejected projectile that hits one ambition and usually hits hard.

My capital circling is Arcane>Frost>Meteor>lighting> hailstorm.

Basically the able chainskills cuz Idk what I could do better.

So usually what I do is alpha off a bang-up action with two dots(Breath and the acerbic on the arena that AGAIN I overlook the name of) afresh I alpha with addict afresh the cabalistic alternation I mentioned earlier.

If there is annihilation I can do bigger let me know. I approved searching up guides but I kept award ones on pc.

The simple way to play Sorc is to use Cabalistic assault (glyphed) > Meteor, afresh spam lighting bang with the displace glyph, use Nova and spam some added lighting bang with a abandoned assault about until Cabalistic assault > Meteor is aback and just accumulate repeating it.

Basically Keeping the crit glyph up from Nova and Cabalistic assault while spamming Lighting bang and tera gold application meteor is the way to go.