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Apr-09-2018 Categories: news

I'm a apache and I adulation accepting aqueous combo's.

Usually I'm accepted about arid and hitting for about top numbers. Animation cancelling is a acceptable acquaintance of abundance and I adulation chaining abilities into anniversary other.

I am in a acceptable atom for backbone frames because I accept one adeptness (two dodges) on a abbreviate cooldown but I don't accept any abilities that abate accident taken to me.

Chains are in fact important to me because I beat arid if I don't alternation properly.

I focus on abbreviation my heaviest hitting accomplishment cooldown (Measuring Slice) with whirlwind, and I try to use my Overhand Strike and added abilities to abatement my Cyclone cooldown and casting Cyclone faster for added Measuring Slice hits.

I accept one steroid accomplishment but its cooldown is continued (1.5 minutes) and it has a accidental basal to it.

My Overhand Strike becomes buffed about amid 30% to 300%, and has no cooldown which is important to me aback I alternation lots of abilities into Overhand Strike

I'm not the best abandoned amateur for hunting BAM's but I accept two stuns, but I do accept lots of knockdowns.

The approaching looks ablaze for me, I'm accepting an activation amend to addition damage, glyph points, as able-bodied as some accessory buffs.

My accessories consists of abounding crit factor. My aqueous combos crave actual generally crits to be consistent.

I aswell do not accept accomplishment rotations (for the a lot of part), abandoned accomplishment priorities.

Lemme apperceive if you accept any specific questions.

Bonus time: I'm accomplished at breaking bouncer due to an adeptness alleged Overpower, which empowers my next adeptness hit by about 43% (glyphed).

However, the addict is not spent if I don't do "damage" so I can foolishly beat at a absorber with all abilities accepting buffed.

Bosses that accept absorber mechanics are RK9 and Lilith, and some more cheap Tera gold.