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Jul-12-2018 Categories: news

Hello everyone! My gf just started arena Tera and wants me to accompany her. We are a lot of adequate traveling to play duo only. I red a lot about Tera, but still cannot in actuality acquire whether a supp or DMG.

My ping is about 50ms and I am adequate at acquirements mechanics. If you could amuse admonition me 'bout chic and chase witch should I acquire to admonition her, and acquaint a few words how should I play.

Her Valkyrie is 30lvl now, and I'll accompany her if I hit 30 too.

Tanks are adequate to Duo to acquiesce the added accepting to back-crit overworld mobs/bosses added calmly and you can ride the Catchbasin ques (along with banishment Enrage if you get Infuriate).

DPS are ok (not the greatest) to Duo with accession could cause you annihilate faster but you will not acquire Catchbasin or Healer ques to acceleration up dungeons.

Healers (Priest/Mystic) are adequate to duo to admonition accrue your acquaintance Alive forth with giving them Healer buffs and debuffing administration with your adeptness shred. Aswell Air-conditioned fast ques.

You acquire low ping so you're appealing abundant chargeless to go with any chic you like the attending of. Chase doesn't bulk unless you wanna Min/max anything.

Healers are a lot of played chic in tera. Although now afterwards the activation application there adeptness be beneath healers and catchbasin so arena one of those should be adequate enough.

As able-bodied if you play catchbasin i would not acclaim you to alpha as Lancer aback it's in actuality difficult if you wanna accomplish something good.

Starting as a Brawler on the added duke would be in actuality fun and easy, acceptation beneath afterlife time, as you don't acquire to await on healer too much, tera gold and a adequate way of acquirements mechanics.