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May-08-2018 Categories: news

Brawler advice, I'm accepting bigger but something is off Tera gold. My Brawler abilities accept absolutely bigger aback I started the class.

I went from award out about GF and captivation it for 20secs to captivation it for about a minute. I know, still shit, but I wish to be better.

What is accident is I'm alive into air-conditioned downs and it's messing up my flow.

I alpha about accepting GF up quick and alpha my circling off of R1, RHK, accumulation disciplinarian etc. about in there I get a block and it triggers CP, so I use that, again arch aback to accumulation disciplinarian and it's alternation off triangle usually catastrophe with Bang or GP.

Then I alpha hitting the air-conditioned down and I end up on bite until accumulation disciplinarian activates and aback there. Sometimes cast bang is appropriate so I'm like "F it, as continued as I'm hitting them!"

So, I'm accomplishing something wrong. I've apprehend the rotations online, they vary. I started apprehensive if I could abode my abilities on added able locations on my quick bars.

Edit: was traveling to add a screenshot of my accomplishment confined but I assumption I shoulda done that first. So... sry.

Almost anybody says there's a accomplishment antecedence and not a rotation, but if you can band up all the abilities while afterward the priority, why not use that as a abject rotation?

There's a lot of aberration you can mix in with it, but belief up on the 3 capital locations of that adviser will admonition you abstain cooldown walls and how to get aback to a acceptable breeze if you're either abstention or application abilities out of adjustment for movement.

On console, the added affair to watch out for are the accomplishment chains, aback they can blend up the rotation.

The 15% accident addict on rhk (roundhouse kick) should accept an uptime of about 60%, so you'll generally wish to do a admixture like rhk -> auger -> piledriver -> rhk -> haymaker, but the accomplishment alternation will use Bang if you columnist the rhk button, throwing some accepting out of adjustment and accident out on 15% damage.

The added one you'll run into based on my adviser is auger -> rhk -> bang -> auger -> piledriver -> rhk -> arena pounder.

If GP is up, your additional auger will absence into a arena pounder, which absolutely throws things out of order. If you are afterward the circling uninterrupted, you will not run into either of these, though.