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May-11-2018 Categories: news

Fresh Lv 65 Slayer! Charge advice with endgame accessories and glyph/crystals. So I almost just got to lv 65 a few abnormal ago and was analytical as to what is the best endgame PvE equipment/weapon for Slayer.

I wish my Slayer to hit like an advancing bales alternation and so far as a beginning lv 65 the hardest I hit for(in agreement of crit) is 505K Tera us gold. I would like to apperceive what blazon of crystals I charge to use to added access DPS output.

As for Endgame Accessories and weapons... I would like to apperceive the name of the accessories as able-bodied as to area I can get them, Via Dungeon/quests etc.

As for Glyphs, not abiding if it's right, but so far I accept the afterward in use - Combo Advance XII(Empowered Combo Advance & Swift Combo Attack)/ Evasive Cycle II(Persistent Evasive Roll)/Triumphant Bark II(Spirited Triumphant Shout)/Retaliate X(Energetic Retaliate)/Heart Advance XI(All three glyphs full)/Stunning Backhand IX(Empowered Stunning Backhand)/Startling Bang VII(Lingering & Blazing Startling Kick)/Overpower II(Keen Overpower)/Tenacity III(Spirited Tenacity)- And... In Algid Claret II(Blazing in Algid BLood)!

I should accept accepted it accepting Animate afterwards seeing Triumphant bark on the list...Strap in kids...

1, Unglyph everything.

2, Glyph Overhand Reset... As said, It's what makes Slayer a Slayer, if you don't glyph this, reroll.

3, Fully Glyph Eviscerate... It's acceptable shit.

4, Fully Glyph Measured Slice... This bits is your hardest hitting skill, so lets accomplish it harder.

5, Fully glyph (Minus MP cost) of Overpower... IIRC Slayers use this on Knockdown bang (to abolish out of the action lock) or Heart thrust... I didn't play Slayer during the pre-propulsion acquiescent as Slayer is meme bank currently.

6, Fully Heart advance (Which you did, good)... Aback Slayer on animate doesn't accept propulsion to accomplish Whirlwind good/as useful, this is the next best affair next to Knockdown strike.

7, Glyph Knockdown bang Overhand Powerlink and Damage... Adapted accompaniment and powerlink buffs overhand.

8, If you accept points, Glyph Headlong rush... It powerlink buffs Knockdown bang and makes it go afterwards which is good.

All added glyphs are useless/aren't as good.

For Gear, rolls for weapon are declared in the aboriginal animadversion (Weapon crystals are Focused/Savage/Bitter/Pounding)...Top band on Chest is Overhand bang (Or In algid claret to advice accompany it with enrage but just go Overhand bang until you're accessible to get into the absolute min/maxing).

You wish abounding Crit accessories (3 Manor and 2 Adumbration for bifold set bonus) with 4 Keen Vysrks and 4 Crit/power on Rings and belt...4 Ability on Necklace...A Quickcarve brooch with Crit rolls on it (since it can't cycle power) and Crit innerwear.