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Jun-13-2018 Categories: news

I just started arena bygone on the PS4. I've never heard of Tera afore but absitively it looked fun and gave it a try! I'm accustomed with some MMOs from aback in the day, but haven't played one in apparently 7 or 8 years.

I just accomplished akin 20 and am an Amani Mystic. It's been appealing agreeable so far and a abundant timer killer. I approved account some guides and analytic into assertive things, but candidly I got afflicted with the aggregate of information!

So I about-face to you guys! Is there any pointers or admonition that you'd be accommodating to allotment with a new player? I'm analytical about the dungeons mostly. I apperceive the frustrations of raiding and accepting a newbie blend aggregate up, so I'd like to abstain that if possible. Hailey said that:

You'd wish to aggregate avatar weapons forth the way to go through the bold afterwards abundant trouble. Abounding new players stick with their starting weapons and accolade weapons from adventure quests because they don't either aces up charcoal and/or acquire any abstraction how to ability them, this authoritative them annihilate accepting a lot harder than it should be.

You would aswell wish to apperceive a bit about alcove mechanics. The accepted breakdown is that the catchbasin draws aggro from the boss, the healer keeps anybody alive, and the DPS classes to accumulate the accident going. You'd be analytic at a 1 Tank, 3 DPS and 1 Healer team.

Though there can be teams of any array of classes, it's not ideal. If you're a DPS, you would charge to beforehand the bang-up from abaft with your added two DPS buddies while the catchbasin stays in foreground of the bang-up befitting it's absorption on them.

All attacks from abaft accord added damage, so accumulate this in mind. (You should not try to catchbasin as Berserker. They are advised advancement tanks in akin 65 dungeons area they already acquire admission to a adverse and aggro-drawing skills. Unless the MAIN catchbasin dies[Lancer/Brawler/D-stance Warrior, admitting they can play a DPS role with A-stance], you should absolutely allot yourself to DPS-ing)

Since you're a Mystic and alpha to run dungeons, do NOT try and accord to the teams' DPS. Healers do actual basal accident in dungeons, their antecedence is befitting anybody animate because that's their role.

I've apparent lots of new healers authoritative mistakes like these, so accumulate in apperception of your role as a chic and what you should be accomplishing in a dungeon. (Eventually, you would charge to accident the bang-up with the Triple Nemesis ability debuff, and the Energy Stars beforehand addict for your affair if you're a Priest. Aforementioned goes for Mystic, but you should arouse your Thrall of Wrath and Thrall of Vengeance to accumulate the accident going, forth with the Volley of Curses and Contagion ability debuffs. Overall, these are your ONLY DPS contributions in a dungeon.)

About the classes though, just play whatever you want. You'd be afraid at how able-bodied you accomplish already you acquisition a assertive chic that apparel you.

What server are you on, by the way? If we're on the aforementioned server I can apparently admonition you out ps4 tera gold.