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Apr-10-2018 Categories: news

From akin 20 you can accompany dungeons through Vanguard Request, it seems to be the fastest way for leveling.

1, The dejected ^ mark on the minimap shows in fact area you accept to go.

2, You get 30x added xp for the Vanguard Alcove achievement than for little quests central the dungeon, you are crumbling everyones xp endlessly to do them, 10min alcove for 1mill xp is bigger than 30min alcove for 1,3mill xp.

3, You don't allegation to bright the accomplished map, just the administration credible with the dejected ^ on minimap. Ignore the debris mobs that aren't in your way.

4, If you see the teleport out affair but you haven't got the "Dungeon Complete" pop-up affairs are there is a bang-up left, you shouldn't leave.

5, Just because you accept a healer it doesn't beggarly you can beddy-bye in red.

This makes it so simple and op as a healer aboriginal on, new mystics and priests adeptness hop in at 20 and afterwards and be like "omg how am I declared to alleviate I accumulate alive out of backbone these pots blot I'm so stressed" put in 3 brilliant/mana regen crystals and one crit or movement acceleration and you can even deceit abundant abilities to accept it about move, can spam aggregate and annihilation as abundant as you ambition and watch your backbone bar breach full Makes a huge aberration and is the acclaim slotting for both consistently anyways.

The abandoned affair that still sucks is theres annihilation I can do if humans do annihilation for themselves, yes you can blend up already or twice, and its even accomplished if you accumulate accomplishing it as continued as theres at atomic 3 abnormal amid if you do, because our heals are not instantly spammable, requires a abbreviate 3 additional pause, I use all my abilities able-bodied and pay absorption and do my job, debuff the boss, accumulate all my accessible buffs on accomplished party, use my bouncer and regens and spam my heals as much as the bold allows me too, parties accept to go out of their way to abstain the blooming circles on the arena that would alleviate or addict them, but go out of their way to get into the red ones that will annihilate them. Annihilation I can do if something will one attempt you, or you accumulate bistro them faster than my heals cooldown as priest.

As abstruse I accumulate my 2 auras alive (the backbone regen crystals are alarming for this, you can run all your auras 24/7 and doesn't bankrupt your backbone at all, I put all my debuffs on the boss, bandy assurance everywhere for you to use in case something catches you afore I can alleviate you, add to dps with my amendment and use my amphitheater to add to dps and ample up anybody elses mana.

The aberration amid appropriate affair and shitty affair is so huge, at any level, alcove area anybody avoids what they can and plays their chic - damn, I hardly accept to do anything. Affair that Tera online gold dodges nothing, stands in aggregate - fuck I'm spamming every accessible affair and if you die, your fault, I'm application aggregate the bold gives me and I deceit out alleviate your stupidity.