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So I wish to get aback into this bold and I dont apperceive area to start. My annual has a Lancer at 36, a Priest at 60 and a 60 Reaper but my catechism is what are some acceptable sites for guides and what are the tiers.

My accompany wanna get into this bold with me as able-bodied so any admonition will admonition so i can canyon it on to them!

Like anyone said, Essentialmana has guides son dungeons, classes and more. Basically, lvl 65 is area aggregate starts accepting serious, so afore that you should try to apprentice your classes.

My recommendation, if you wish to lvl up fast, is to chain for the accomplished lvl alcove you can while accomplishing beat requests (press H) like killing bams and accessory and/or accomplishing adventure quests (the accomplished lvl you acquire available) if you're a healer or u're accepting troubles with bams.

While lvling, you will admission some Relic pieces to actualize avatar weapons. This ammunition will be the best-in-slot until you actualize the nextlvl avatar weapon.

This weapons can be bugged (Press T) with feedstock and alkahest which you will admission in abundant quantities while lvling, dont hesittate to allure your weapons. There's added to lvling but you will accept it as you go.

When you ability lvl 65, go to Highwatch and attending for Dougas (an npc with a adventure quest), he will accord you the Guardian Accessories that you're traveling to use forever. This accessories can be bugged to +6 and afresh upgraded to Twistshard equipment, which can aswell be enchanted/upgraded.

To admission alluring materials, you charge to do lvl65 dungeons (later on it aswell requires items fabricated by crafting dont but anguish about that yet).

To enchant/upgrade, accessible your annual (press I); at the basal of your annual there are 4 buttons, acquire the enchanting/upgrading ones (to advancement an item, accomplish abiding you yield off its crystals first).

What about the classes that I acquire that are abreast 65? Are they any good? Aswell is there like some website to appearance you up to date bank lists for specs.

Reaper is able-bodied out accomplished release. The guides on capital backbone are appropriate for now, but don't cover the adjustments for animate classes.

There is a adviser that lists the abilities of the classes that acquire awakened, about if you were analytic for a adviser that has the rotations adapted for activation you'll just acquire to wait.

Also not all classes are currently animate with Tera gold and you charge a assertive annual akin afore you can do it as well.