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Apr-12-2018 Categories: news

Last time I played Tera was on PC and Island of Dawn was the starting area, what happened to it? I bethink throwing bombs at some dummies in a tent, Tera gold and comatose at campfires for buffs.

Getting rid of Island of Dawn was one of the bigger backward decisions that BHS has anytime came up with, let's do some comparisons:

Island of Dawn:

- Accessible World: reflect a above Pro of Tera, and the map can be explored!

- Stunning & Beautiful Graphics: It alloyed altered atmosphere at the aforementioned time: Purple/Fun & Brown/Sad.

- Chargeless alternation with Others players, chargeless to get social, advice & get helped, and attending advanced to accepting some altered searching Mounts, Gears, Cosmetics, from seeing others active around.

- Setting a chase up for the barrage tutorials island (1st expedition), and a presentation for a above appearance in the adventure : Elleon - I alone was consistently a big fan of the aboriginal story, and i hated the 60+ lolis based debris they came up with.

- .. ect (share you account if you like)

The new w/e alleged Island:

- Instanced: Giving new players a amiss and actually altered consequence of what the bold has to offer, some players artlessly abhorrence abstract garbage, and will uninstall at the moment they see that brainless w/e alleged island.

- Debris bank Graphics: abounding of black 1 dimensional colors!so arid to attending at that i can't bend the moment i can GTFO the abuse place.

- Actual bound Alternation : Because of instancing, you'll rarely meet/see anyone afterwards the breeding point, this gives new players a accordance of A DEAD GAME!

- Story: NOT INTERESTING WHATSOEVER, so angrily written, so boring, i had 0 accord for the little babe if she died because:

1- It's not even bright wtf is going.

2- Your assured peoples to Read those walls of argument to get some account on what's happening, which NO MMO PLAYER HAS EVER Done.

3- The amateur absorb like 10 min (mostly running), on that w/e island, there is no analytic acumen to feel any adapter to the characters complex because there wasn't abundant time for development.

I in actuality abhorrence the new starting area, and i accept it has done the bold added harms than goods.