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Aug-08-2018 Categories: news

Hello. I played Tera in fact actively a few years aback - and I abdicate about a time if the Gunners were somewhat new. I'm aggravating to acknowledgment to the bold now and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Is there anywhere a annual of changes fabricated from that time till now? I actively like to apperceive things, Tera gold and now I don't apperceive why all of my charms, campfires and potions are useless. Aswell this Apex thingy is in fact confusing.

Also: what is the accessory progression now?

I accept 6 lvl 65 chars, acerb undergeared of advance (my capital is a Zerk and I accept Schisma on him). I accept a accessory box for abiding players but I don't apprehend to see annihilation amazing there. I aswell accept about 200k gold in bank, in my apperception that bulk is in fact small.

Right now I fabricated a new Valkyrie appearance to lvl her up, just to get aback to speed.

What happened to Alliances? Are there any adapted guides? I can't assume to acquisition any. Or maybe there are some players actuality that accept been in a agnate situation?

You charge apperceive that:

Campfires and charms, or rather the backbone arrangement as a accomplished accept been removed, the best backbone bonuses were assuredly activated to characters.

Nostrum and crit scrolls accept been alloyed into a new action nostrum, but I anticipate you apperceive about this already.

Potions were heavily changed, the accustomed ones are, to be honest, abortive except for a few occasions, and can be bought at every merchant. 50% potions as able-bodied as % backbone potions are still achievable and useful.

Apex, or awakening, is currently accessible to some classes, afterwards extensive an itemlevel of 439 and commutual a abbreviate adventure quest. You get new abilities and 5 added glyph points, the non animate classes accept gotten a collapsed % dmg buff in adjustment to somewhat antithesis it (nope, didnt help).

Gearing has been acutely changed, you no best skip assorted sets, but rather advance with your gear. You alpha out with Guardian, already it hits +6 you advancement it to Twistshard (mid tier), get it to +9 and advancement it to Frostmetal (hightier) which you afresh allure to +9 and advancement it to stormcry (former best in slot, now there is one added advancement that about any players adeptness afterwards banknote boutique or no actuality the game).

The abstracts you charge for alluring accept been changed, they are untradable and you admission them in about all dungeons.

What in fact you charge to acreage depends on the arena you play, EU is altered from NA in agreement of what is able to acreage and prices etc, but about speaking you just spam dungeons for accessory exp and abstracts until you get annoyed of the bold and quit.

Alliances as able-bodied as the associated pvp are gone, pvp in accepted is added or beneath dead.

I achievement I could accompany some light, although you apparently still accept a lot of questions. I achievement anyone abroad with added time is accommodating to accord you some hints!

Edit: I forgot to acknowledgment guardian missions, one of the a lot of advantageous (and boring) agency to accomplish money (in anatomy of rubies), and it is adapted aback new alluring needs emeralds and diamonds.