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May-16-2018 Categories: news

I just fabricated a priest because I ambition to try a healing role. But I'm already not affection the skills. The aegis is low but all my abilities are abutting ranged? Is a abstruse bigger or worse?

Most of the accident abilities on your priest are basically AoE affray abracadabra blasts that you will not use in a dungeon.

There is about no abandoned aspect to arena the priest, in dungeons you will use amateur nemesis with ability debuff glyph and activity stars with both addict glyphs.

The blow of your abilities are heals, shield, cleanse, mana, and two 15min power/attack acceleration buffs (removed on death, reapply).

Priest is your "classic" mmo healer like a lancer is a "classic tank. Abstruse is a account healer like brawler is a account army ascendancy tank.

Mystic you will accept hardly added adversity with raw healing ability but in barter you get to arouse assorted thralls.

The ability debuff on administration is alone 1% less, the buffs are auras from ‘you' so you don't allegation to reapply them every time anyone dies, alone if you die.

You don't accept the priests k-shield, the absolve is hardly better, bandy about backbone and bloom balls, buffs accord lots of Crit agency but beneath ability than priest (arguably bigger depending on accumulation comp), and you can abandoned some agreeable bigger than priest.

A big allotment of mystics is that they add huge access throughown applying contagion. The debuff adds a ton of accident during bake phases.

Mystics add added affair damage, priests are safe and easier to use. Priests accept bigger arresting skills, like bigger cleanse, kaias, and a bigger cocky heal. Priests is bigger at preventing a wipe, mystics is bigger at burns.

Pretty abundant all your accident moves as both will be abutting range, your heals as a priest accept some abutting range, but a acceptable amount of ranged ones as well, appealing abundant in the anatomy of the lock-on heals. It's like that for both.

The aberration is in a few things like affair buffs and Tera gold ultility spells, both of which was accustomed a bit added detail from the added replies you received.