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May-11-2018 Categories: news

All classes are acceptable and you'll alone see nuanced differences in accident beyond the dps classes.

I'll accord you a quick briefing aback I've approved and levelled all classes on ps4 as well:


Priest: arresting healer with added healing spells in accepted and a abundant addict that can blot damage, can aswell addition advance speed.

Mystic: abhorrent healer who can arouse thralls to abetment in combat, beneath heals but if acclimated appropriately stronger ones than priest and has a crit ambience instead of an advance acceleration buff, can aswell bead bloom and backbone orbs for afterwards usage.


Lancer: the archetypal catchbasin with a abundant advance acceleration addict for the accomplished affair and simple to authority aggro skills. Not abundant abroad to say about them tbh.

Brawler: abhorrent catchbasin who can do bags of damage. Can auto-block hits with some of its abilities and a assertive buff. Doesn't accept any account for the affair but is basically a 4th dps with solid damage.


Warrior: technically they can be tanks too but I accept no clue about them because I alone played abundance till akin 40 and they get their tanking abilities afterwards on. Dps astute they are appealing abuse acceptable and aswell cool mobile.

Berserker: apathetic but harder hitting, levelling is actually the affliction tho but it gets bigger in endgame and they accept apparently the accomplished access accident in the absolute bold adapted now.

Archer: the safest dps chic I'd say, a admixture of harder hitting access abilities and abiding abate hits accumulated with abundant advancement options accomplish the archer the easiest to apprentice dps imo.

Sorcerer: beneath Mobile than archer and added like a turret who can teleport around, does acceptable access accident and basically all their abilities are aoe so they're abundant for add control.

Slayer: what I'm currently arena and accepting a lot of fun with, beneath accident than all of the aloft but you get a alteration in action that none of them actually have, you'll accept a agglomeration of combos with characterless but abiding accident as able-bodied as some amazing movement options.

Reaper: a lot of arid out of all the dps classes imo, their accident is acceptable but imo archer does annihilation they do but better Tera gold, they accept an abundantly able steroid tho (shadow accomplishment with 2 mins cooldown) that makes them do bags of accident during that time.

That's about it. If you've got added questions, just shoot em.