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Apr-16-2018 Categories: news

Just for reference, I currently got a 410 Sorcerer, 393 Priest and a Lancer and Warrior still leveling, both about 60 rn. I like to anticipate I'm accomplishing alright (certainly bigger than some of the randoms I've had to play with cheap Tera gold), but I aswell feel I could be accomplishing bigger with my classes still (or if not, I'd like to know), so I've been afraid about searching for a brotherhood too until I'm abiding I in actuality apperceive what the f I'm doing. I'm just gonna dump all my questions actuality in the hopes that some added accomplished players will acquaint me. (Though amuse try not to use too abounding acronyms/nicknames for accepting or I'll acquire no abstraction what you're on about)

- Sorcerer. I got the advancement and aegis abilities mostly down, and I apperceive to beforehand enemies from behind. But what is the optimal DpS circling or my bigger 'power hit' skill? Atm I'm application the continued chains off Arcane Pulse and Nova.

Also is it accustomed for me to run out of MP like crazy afterwards about two of those? What are the ideal crystals, accessory enchantments and Glyphs to use for optimal DpS? Any added tips?

- Priest. I'm appealing acceptable at healing and rarely acquire humans die unless they do something stupid/get one-shot, and I apperceive to restore MP as well. How important is me cleansing debuffs as well, should I run and absolve every aftereffect I see, or are there abandoned specific ones during accurate bang-up fights I acquire to pay absorption to? Aswell there acquire to be some furnishings that I can't remove, what's up with that, is the absolve abandoned careful or something? Similarly, when/which administration should I abolish buffs from? Should my antecedence abandoned anytime be healing and blockage alive, or should I accident too if I acquire the chance? Atm I'm abandoned application Energy Stars/Triple Nemesis for the buff/debuff. (This one doesn't in fact administer with PUGs because yeah, right) How abundant should I apprehend my teammates apprehend to plan with me? As in, authority still/come to me if they charge a heal/cleanse, or is it just my job to accumulate up with all that (basically, is what I've been accepting so far randoms accepting clueless or me defective to git gud)? Afresh what are the ideal crystals, accessory enchantments and Glyphs to use? Any added tips?

- Lancer. I can accumulate aggro from the bang-up and (mostly) die absolute little, so I assumption that's something. As with Priest; acutely I charge to hit the bang-up to get aggro, but added than that, how abundant accident to I wish to accord and how abundant do I focus on blocking/surviving? Atm I'm almost defensive, I think, with mostly application Absorber Counter -> Wallop, which seems to do appropriate accident on a crit. Or should I bigger apprentice the bang-up attacks and abandoned block at the endure moment and hit them as abundant as I can inbetween? Afresh what are the ideal crystals, accessory enchantments and Glyphs to use? Any added tips?

- Warrior. I apperceive the bend artisan and I get the concept, and I even managed to catchbasin a few times because lol matchmaking. What is a good/easy admixture for as abundant Bend as accessible (or are the two qualities mutually exclusive)? Afresh what are the ideal crystals, accessory enchantments and Glyphs to use? Any added tips?

- Endgame/progression. How to? What's the best way to get Masterwork Alkahest? What's the best use for all the bisected a dozen assorted types of Tokens I'm getting? I've got a accomplished set of Masterwork Tier 9 gear, area do I go from there? Is there abundant to go appropriate now?

- How important are the attenuate Glyphs? Do they acquire any appropriate aftereffect added than accepting cheaper? What's the best way to get them?

- I'm abandoned missing the Arun Bang-up and Shara Bang-up trophies to get the platinum. Who/what do I acquire to annihilate for those, and area do I acquisition them? Aswell are they something one can conceivably abandoned (and which of my classes would be best ill-fitted for that)?

- My one try at a 410 alcove (via matchmaking) concluded kinda in a trainwreck on the final boss, and I'm apprehensive if there's annihilation I could've done bigger or it just wasn't meant to be with randoms. We were Sorcerer(me)/Slayer/Reaper/Brawler/Priest. The aboriginal two administration were aboriginal try, admitting the Priest and Apache kept dying and reviving; I went down like alert to the chandelier, one time its huge beforehand bent me while on low health, the added I just wasn't paying attention/not accepting healed. We wiped on Lilith if she was down to 3/4 because we didn't get her absorber down fast abundant because several humans got stunned, and afore we'd even respawned the Priest ragequit (after not rezzing anymore until I acclimated a Scroll on him, which no one abroad anytime did). Acutely I can't barometer how abundant DpS I did (or is there some way like the action address in Skyforge?), but was there any added above affair I should acquire done differently?

Thanks in beforehand for any and all accessible answers to any of these.