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Dec-28-2016 Categories: news

MMOgo Star Trek Online Energy Credits Sale - The a lot of annoying bug: my arch admiral will not accumulate up.Something

has happened to my boffs. Perhaps they've all sprained an ankle. For whatever

reason, they assume to move at a third of the acceleration I do, and frequently

get larboard 200m+ abaft on ample maps like Voth BZ.

  This happens on all maps. Sometimes they just stop affective absolutely and

beam at the scenery. This seems like a adequately contempo development. Pls fix

ASAP. Mine assume to get ashore in doors like in the latest featured adventure

on k-13.

  I anticipate I apprehend already that the acumen they fabricated the 25th

aeon maps all huge was to accomadate arch administrator pathing. I accumulate

accepting boffs get ashore on 23c doors and even the 24c doors from Vorgon

Conclusions...so the affair may be that the canon-accurate doors are just too

baby for the engine to handle comfortably.

  Is it just your Rom boffs that aren't able to sprint? Or all of them? It's

so annoying. I anticipate it's a accepted affair that happened afterwards they

anchored it so Boffs they don't wig out if you airing slowly... in October.

  All of them, all factions. I tend to use motion accelerator + arctic boots

to get about faster, and they acclimated to be able to accumulate up fine.

  I abandoned run into the affair with my Romulans. I don't apprehend them to

be able to accumulate up with my frosted, and I acquire the +5% ancestry

applied, but it's just the Roms that are backward abaft for me.

  Eta: basically the blow of my abroad aggregation splits into two groups of

boffs, with the Feds accepting able to hardly accumulate pace.

  I don't even use those and I acquire this problem, on my TOS Tac. I

accompany my Jem'Hadar and my T'Met (the Vulcan Sci you aces up in the story),

and the Vulcan just can't accumulate up Buy STO Energy Credits.