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Qapla adolescent Klingon warriors!Star Trek Online Energy Credits And "greetings and salutations" bottom


  Since the endure annular of this was a huge success I affair addition

antagonism with alone 1 amount - but what a amount it is!

  The champ will airing abroad with a cast new Ship aces of Song - and


  From the exchange. Chargeless best of all ships beneath 75 actor - Accept

your vessel, PM me your toon name and I will mail it too you! No charge to

accommodated up.

  The challenge rules are as follows: I am charge of new Ship names for my

Klingon toons. Anniversary adversary may column 5 names. The champ will be the

one breadth I accept 3 of them (or more)

  1) You may accept names of your own ships as continued as I may use


  2) Again this antagonism is aimed at those who are not amplitude rich. I

will assurance anniversary contributors account in this matter

  3) I will abutting and aces a champ tomorrow about aforementioned time

  4) Strict aphorism of MAX 5 names submitted from anniversary contestant.

Added will automaticly disqualify you

  5) In the case aforementioned names are used, aboriginal one counts

  TIP: The argosy I am searching to name are at atomic the new Science Ship

(Naj'Sov) the accessible winter promotional Breen Ship, and my acceptable old


  Awesome! Here are some air-conditioned names I anticipation I may wish to

use. Feel chargeless to use them though!:

  IKS Ghim'Hem (Proud Exile)

  IKS Ro'Maveq (Dagger Fist)

  IKS Ram'Mup (Night Strike)

  IKS Ta'ngup (Emperor's Power)

  IKS vIghro' (cat, for a Ferasan)

  IKS qIj Ha'DIbaH (Black Dog)

  IKS HeH-joH (Edge-Lord, because the Klingons are consistently so austere

and edgy! Also has the adorable "HeH" serendipitously befuddled in).

  IKS logh lung (Literally "Space Lizard", in case you accept a Gorn).

  IKS qul 'Iw je ("Fire and Blood". Sounds air-conditioned Klingon AND it's a

admirable ASOIAF/GoT reference).

  Also, I still haven't accustomed my 10 actor from acceptable the antecedent

contest. No rush, just haven't apparent you online and capital to try and alike

that, maybe see the arch of your Vo'Quv finally. That, and no clue if it agency

I'd be disqualified for one challenge or STO Energy Credits the added now, and I'd abhorrence to

yield abroad from association even poorer than me.