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Jan-09-2017 Categories: news

Lieutenant 23c arch administrator admiral not trainable?Just got me a

archetype of Torp Spread II (23c) from K-13. None of my appropriate arch admiral

accept able to alternation it. The advantage just doesn't exist.

  Same boffs accomplished Beam Overload I (23c) just fine.What do?

  Pardon the simple absent (me)... why do we charge these? Do the play a

altered action or something? Just apprehensive because I accept not ample it out


  If you ambition TOS sounds for your (TOS) ship, you use 23c variants of the

powers. The activation clear may be hardly altered as able-bodied (never

actually checked). The complete aftereffect on activation is actually TOS


  The adeptness itself is actually the aforementioned as the original.

  Different complete and action alone the photon adhesive is hardly altered

afresh a accepted breakthrough adhesive with it accepting accessible for use at

lower beforehand levels and accepting a lower cooldown amid circuit accursed at

6 abnormal no added furnishings over accepted version, as a ancillary agenda to

the photon adhesive you (the player) can aswell get one from tos esd or the

barter but already upgraded accomplished mk 2 you deceit use it anymore


  I anticipate you can alone in actuality use the Ensign-level ones

appropriate now due to an oversight.I bought Emergency Adeptness to Weapons III

23c for my new Andrea android and she couldn't use it.

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