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Mar-11-2018 Categories: news

Soul worker's been on my alarm for about a year. I was so aflame to assuredly get to try it recently... Aboriginal affair I did logging in was accessible the banknote boutique could cause hey, dress up buy Soul Worker Dzenai.

I saw an accouterments that I admired for 2900 points. Ok, why not. SO I go accessible up the boutique to buy credibility and acquisition out that 2900 credibility about translates to 35-40$ USD?!?!


I took a attending at some of the added banknote boutique items and, maybe I'm amiss (I'm still in actuality new), but some of them appeared to be some abundant p2w items... Afresh I could be amiss but I feel like I apparently am not.

Another affair that came up was I noticed a little activity bar / fatigue system. Accomplishing a little analysis and I bound begin out that you can furnish this by affairs an anniversary in the banknote shop.

HMMMMMMMMMMM... Personally I just anticipate there's something inherently amiss with putting a arrangement in abode that about punishes your players for alive agreeable and armament them to accept to use your banknote boutique if they wish to accumulate playing.

I accept that it replenishes over time but, already again, there's just something apparent WRONG about a arrangement like that.

Soooooooo... at this point in time, I'm cerebration I'm just traveling to assuredly kiss body Worker goodbye afore even giving it a able go.

A apparel costing $35-$40 USD is acutely boundless in my eyes, and I accomplish absolute appropriate money irl (in afore ppl acquaint me to go get a job). It feels to me like this bold is HEAVILY geared appear accepting humans to PAY absolute money.

I assumption I'll just adhere assimilate that money and buy Sea of Thieves for the aggregate of two body Worker costumes.

I've been amphitheatre this game, and the activity arrangement isn't TOO bad for me (e.g. alone accept time to play at night during weekdays for bound aggregate of time). I'm not you, but for me, I don't even get to absorb my accomplished energy. And sometimes if I do, my apperception usually goes "yep, acceptable endlessly point".

The bold has akin cap, end bold is not gonna leave me behind. One affair I've accomplished afterwards amphitheatre so abounding online abecedarian for the accomplished 10+ years is that I get burnt out fast amphitheatre too much. I usually adeptness end bold / apparatus and usually that just fills me with boredom.

Nowadays I try to actualization things abnormally - I yield my time. I'm F2P appropriate now by the way. Honestly, just accord it a few while. The gameplay and characters are fun.

I accede though, I abhorrence the backbone arrangement abnormally in an MMO.