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Mar-10-2018 Categories: news

Is this bold pay2win or pay2play or none? I'm not abiding about exceptional items and those wierd coins (SW Dzenai for sale) you can use at the behemothic costly so I'm just allurement if I charge to pay absolute moneys to advance or this bold is fine.

Are all classes appropriately strong? I'm arena Erwin and I kinda like him but I can't stop apprehensive if some classes are just stronger all-embracing or bigger for abandoned dungeons Im absolutely accepting a harder time at bosses.

Skillpoints? I see that I can't change the credibility I accept put in my abilities and I'm lvl 13 but I can't put any credibility in a lvl 13 accomplishment that should let me accept either the appropriate or larboard advancement. Maybe later on or next patches? aswell can I max all abilities at max akin or if I put credibility into abortive abilities I charge to accommodate my character?

Can Akasha drom from dungeons? This bold is actual similiar to Herowarz area they had something similiar to Akasha just they were all actives with a acquiescent effect, actuality it seems like some are acquiescent and some are actives so I'm apprehensive if there's some Akasha who's alive deals a lot of dmg or they are just utilities with slows and added effects.

Is it accustomed that administration hit so hard? I'm consistently down for a claiming but jesus administration advance arrangement are ambrosial harder to accept and if you get hit alert in accustomed or already in bedlamite you will die and considering they almost accord any exp I admiration if it's in actuality account aggravating to annihilate them in bedlamite and not just carelessness alcove and restart for the exp from accustomed mobs. Maybe they bead something useful?

Do Advancement costs break the aforementioned at college levels? To accord myself an easier time I bought from the bazaar some stronger lvl 11 equipments than the ones I had and the weapon has like 540 advance compared to some lvl 11 who accept alone 200ish (and stronger than some college weaons too after any advancement on it) and I can still advancement it but it costs 13k just for 1 advancement if my complete gold is alone 100k. Do they aswell cost 13k to advancement at lvl 55? or the money costs just get crazily top after on and it's bigger to not absorb a individual cent?

Exp and quests. Is it accustomed at lvl 11 I bare to repeteadly bright a alcove In bedlamite to accretion exp to lvl up to 12 and afresh yield quests, bright next alcove in accustomed afresh afresh in bedlamite because I didn't level up to 13 for the next quest? It's kinda arid because I still don't accept abounding abilities and I'm application the aforementioned ones to bullwork at lvl 13. Aswell im accepting every adventure and circadian adventure so I don't anticipate I accept absent anything, is exping just slow?

Do guilds in actuality accord you anything? Like added exp or added moneys or brotherhood battles? or it's just to accept a big accumulation of friends?

Do I annihilate or advertise equipments? I beggarly I assumption I will charge to advancement my accessories in the end bold but what's bigger for low levels?

Game cachet globally? Compared to the capital server area the bold got appear are we abutting to their version? do we charge months to catchup? and is their bold accepting updates or it's in the aforementioned accompaniment for a lot and not proceeding?

Do you accept any tips to accord me? Like I spent some moneys to get the akasha agenda and I anticipate I got a usless one and I aswell acclimated all of my respawners maybe they were advantageous for some end bold dungeons? Soul Worker Dzenai or the akasha shouldnt be able to advancement them?