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Mar-12-2018 Categories: news

With the banknote boutique afresh absolution and the huge uproar over it, I acquisition it absorbing how altered the adeptness amid F2P and P2P adeptness is.

I played Final Fantasy XIV and Wow during release, and I paid 60$ for abject game, and 40$ (60$ for WoW) for amplification with 12$ boilerplate a month. With pay to play model, they aswell accept their own banknote shop.

I never visited WoW banknote shop, but with FFXIV banknote shop, they accept emote alignment from 10$ and apparel alignment from 24$ average, and mounts alignment from 24$ average.

Oddly enough, ALOT of humans buy them. Don't get me wrong, the baby articulate allotment of the association hated it, but ALOT of humans still buy them anyways. If those abecedarian came out the bullwork to akin cap acquainted a lot worse analyze to Soulworker IMO.

The alone added F2P MMO i played was brand and soul, and apparel were a little cheaper, but the RNG boxes to get your hmong weapon upgrade, was terrible. I mustve spent like 20$ just to get my weapon upgrade, because I didnt wish to accumulate agriculture dungeons over and over afresh with 15% adventitious to get my weapon.

Anyways to blanket it up, I candidly don't feel like the aggregate is that bad analyze to those MMO I listed. I just capital to apprehend what added humans think, and what added MMO does banknote boutique right. IMO the prices arn't that bad compared to the abecedarian I played so far.

Also capital thoughts about the F2P and P2P adeptness and community, and what added F2P MMO humans would recommend, and how they do it better. Just capital humans thoughts.

I see Afterpiece online gets mentioned a lot, but i'm not a fan of sidescrolling activity MMO.

To be honest, Soulworker's customization is terrible. On top of accepting alone a absolute bound aggregate of capricious features, the bold lacks something that is implemented in a lot of MMORPGs: the adeptness to adapt accouterment appearance.

Games can get abroad with big-ticket accouterment if there's a acceptable aggregate of customization. Humans will buy $75+ accouterment packs if they accept a customization arrangement as adult as APB:Reloaded's breadth one can actualize about any accouterment desired.

Games like FFXIV, Mabinogi [Heroes], Tera Online, etc. that advertise $20 apparel at atomic accept a dye arrangement to acquiesce one to adapt apparel colors. WoW array of gets abroad with not accepting such a arrangement because it was appear afore such customization was mainstream of SW Dzenai for sale.

But Soulworker has in actuality annihilation if it comes to customization admitting accepting a avant-garde bold (unlike WoW), which is why the accepted prices assume antic to a lot of players.