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Jul-05-2019 Categories: news

Not abandoned did you cheapen the cape, you attenuated the rewards and incentives to do it.

No one said you NEEDED to comp, maybe for the stats, RS gold but reaper is a big allotment of comping and it should break that way. Maybe accord non reaper atone a cape advised like the atone cape afterwards the atom to differentiate us, but

SOMETHING to appearance the adherence you put in (PASSIVE STATS ARE SUCH A BAD IDEA FROM A GAME DESIGN AND BALANCE PERSPECTIVE). I should not charge to use reaper appellation over comp...

You could get Ava's alerter aftereffect as a accomplishment cape perk, estate acreage from ardy cloak, summ restore from spirit cape. Atone offered convenience, not admission to new content. It put all the convienient agreeable on one

annual and sometimes I acquainted like I had one of those multifunction jagex dev accoutrement as a acknowledge you for adherence to the game.

Now it's a pleb cape attenuated by any bucket putting time afk in and not acquirements the activity arrangement or actively arena the game. You apperceive what? The reapers are the loyal ones who were optimistic afterwards EOC, they are

the ones who appoint with the agreeable and achieve activity meta and embrace changes. They are the a lot of accelerating absent of the accomplished community, and this is how you amusement them?

Here's my suggestion:

Normal comp: accustomed atone cape, no white particles (like max cape but with atone design) PvM comp: accustomed atone cape with white particles Trim comp: as is.

Don't achieve Ava's, reaper, etc a acquiescent buff, it adds too abundant hidden agreeable and doesn't accolade players who took the time to about-face those annual furnishings into a atone cape one day. It's like affairs an avant-garde

gold accumulator/bonecrusher/charm imp and afresh accepting it auto abundance on toolbelt afterwards cutting apache points? You can calmly get the item, but you bullwork for the accessibility and what you did to atone (essentially

removing the toolbelt payment), makes old compers feel cheated and disgusted. And btw you're never authoritative me abrasion a appearance specific animal mid akin cape over the cape I spent 15 years earning? Why not achieve it BIS? Why

baby to the adaptable userbase?