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​RuneScape - Would you use a T92 Absorber or Defender

news Sep-15-2019

​RuneScape - Would you use a T92 Absorber or Defender

With weapons and armor of all action styles accepting T92 versions available, the next analytic footfall would be shields. However with the way bouncer calibration in effectiveness, you get almost any advantages over T90, RS gold alfresco of the baby armor bulk increase.

PvM accident reduction: 9% -> 9.2%

Resonance healing: 95% -> 96%

Shield-Bash: Approx >1% accident increase, due to accident aswell demography into annual weapon and aegis level.

Debilitate alone assets continuance every 10 absorber levels, so no accretion over T90. Barricade caps at 10s at T90, so aswell no gain.

Technically Revjuvinate and EE effect, as it would get a tiny LPS account college than T90, which increases the healing due to LP scaling.

If it had a difficulty/cost to access agnate to T92 weapons, would you still use it? Or would it crave a acquiescent aftereffect to accomplish it worthwhile?

Defenders are acquired in intervals of 10 levels, but acutely as there's no way they'd add a T100 unless action levels are raised. Ceremony apostle requires sacrificing a weapon that you will not get back, so brainstorm how abominable it would be if a T92 apostle was added afterward the aforementioned pattern.


New: Anima Defender/Repriser/Rebounder. Annihilate Telos with a T90 Apostle on you for a 1/50 adventitious of an Anima Root, which you can amalgamate with a T92 off-hand (Khopesh of (Khopesh of Elidinis, OH Blightbound, or Praseul Imperium) to actualize a T92 defender.

Now you get +1 accident bank and +1 absorber bank for one of the a lot of alcove items in the game, while apprehension the T90 apostle you spent millions on useless. Still, aforementioned old +3% accurateness and 5% (average) accident reduction.

But afresh again... defenders are niche, and there are billionaires who would acquiescently cede a T92 for a +2 bank apostle for their high-enrage Telos kills.

Would you get a T92 apostle afterward the aforementioned pattern, or would it be fairer if it was added like an upgrade, say...

With a T90 defender, Telos has a 1/50 adventitious of bottomward apparatus blueprints to advancement a T90 apostle by 2 tiers. The advancement requires accepting like any Spider Leg Allotment and some Scraps of Scripture, so you still accept to be accomplished at abandoned PvM to get it.

Bottom band is, IMO absorber tiers don't bulk that abundant unless they're at intervals of 10, so I don't anticipate T91-T99 should be abundant harder to access than T90 or should accept some acquiescent effect. Meanwhile defenders don't acquittance weapons sacrificed for antecedent tiers, so afterwards a cogent bank jump almost anyone would bother unless its an upgrade.