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Jan-05-2018 Categories: news

I admission why MTX for every accident can accomplish a lot of humans angry, but the beneath is the absoluteness of the bearings and you can get affronted RuneScape gold at me all you ambition but it doesn't change what I've apprehend from the banking letters of Jagex from 2016.

Perhaps if we get the banking letters from 2017 things will be different, but at this point I don't see any affirmation of that:

Why would Jagex get rid of MTX if it has been a banknote cow for the company? Endure time I checked, companies are in the business of authoritative money.

Just because a lot of humans on r/Runescape are pissed off by microtransactions does not beggarly that the aggregation is traveling to carelessness MTX.

Jagex as a aggregation uses revenue, cable numbers, operational profits afore aberrant items and arch calculation as their key achievement indicators (how able-bodied they are accomplishing or how acknowledged as a aggregation they are).

Based on their banking address from December 31st, 2016, the aggregation is not seeing any slowdowns from MTX- they are seeing the opposite:

- From 2015 to 2016, their acquirement added over 28% or 74.4m batter sterlings (I admission no abstraction how to accomplish that symbol) if they focused on RS and OSRS. They even managed to do that while their aggregation was alteration affairs to that Chinese aggregation and "without sacrificing advantage which has developed by 22% to 28.8m batter sterlings.

- Subscriptions: These afresh added from 1.945m in 2015 to 2.082m in 2016.

- The aberrant items, operational items both added badly as well.

Conclusion: Why the hell would Jagex get rid of something that is accomplishing so able-bodied for them? With the Mobile buzz gaming strategy, application F2P to allure new consumers and their advance in China with the all-around strategy, MTX is absolutely doing them well.

The alone way they would amend is if somehow MTX wasn't assisting anymore.

Edit: Fuck it, I'm traveling all in. If you are so pissed off about MTX how about you advance some complete means that the aggregation CAN change that DOESN'T absorb "get rid of MTX" because that's not traveling to happen. What would you adopt that the aggregation did that was beneath focused on MTX (cheap OSRS gold so safe)? Is there specific agreeable you ambition to see? Is it rewards for subscribed associates that are like corrective banknote or things that are acquired through gameplay vs accepting able to buy them? Or maybe they should be accessible to adventurous play aboriginal and afresh afterwards a assertive aeon of time it can be aswell accessible to microtransactions? This way it is added fair?