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​RuneScape - Why actually do we abhorrence MTX

news Nov-12-2019

​RuneScape - Why actually do we abhorrence MTX

So i' d like to say appropriate abroad that I'm no fan of the all-inclusive majority of MTX that exists in RS3 but I plan to go into some account and acknowledgment on what I accept could be some middleground amid us and Jamflex. I anticipate it's ambrosial bright to all of us afterwards the MTX beck that MTX is not traveling abroad anytime soon, and realistically we should accept accepted that. Whether talking about jagex or their Chinese overlords (free Hong Kong) they as a accomplished are still a business searching to accomplish a accumulation and MTX is a behemothic asleep horse abounding with money. About I accept we and the blow of the amateur abject can still move advanced by authoritative our dislikes and expectations absolute bright to Jagex affective advanced with effective critism and authentic guidelines. I adulation a circlejerk as abundant as the next guy, but "MTX BAD" leaves a fair aggregate accessible for interpretation. Let's acquaint em what we don't wish and arise up with account for getting we would be accomplished with. Let's get to some examples.

Scratching the apparent it's ambrosial accessible we abhorrence P2W MTX like account xp and our adored Virtus armor on TH. We abhorrence TH in accustomed because lets be honest, the accomplished fucking affair is just a boodle box with assorted boxes. And I've apparent A fair aggregate of abhorrence about over the top cosmetics that don't actually fit in the game.

As able-bodied as a bits ton of others that I'm abiding I'm apathy as I lay actuality at 5AM analytic why the fuck I'm still awake, but I anticipate it's an alright accustomed lineup. Now, fuck all the aloft MTX, oh and promotional pop ups and bits like that, like arise on bruh, but I'm gonna accord some examples of MTX that'd I'd be accomplished with, and I animate others to anticipate of bits too.

First off, I'm mostly accomplished with corrective getting like armor sets and shit, as continued as it's actuality doesn't abate the in bold models that abide to be earned, not bought and as continued as it's thematically adequate in runescape, AND doesn't impede on added people's acquaintance (im searching at you behemothic ass pet drakes). I in fact acknowledge the adumbration arrangement that allows me to attending about I like, no aggregate what agreeable I'm doing, I anticipate it's a nice adverse from say OSRS area about anybody is just cutting graceful. I'd be accomplished with some pay for accessibility shit. Like maybe acquiesce us to buy the burning loadstone teleports that you can get from viswax.

Maybe we could yield a page outta Path of Exiles MTX book and we could acquirement premade organized coffer tabs for altered stuff. Imagine affairs an herblore tab for 5 dollars that automatically sorted all your herbs, potions, and accessory capacity in a nice, clean, and ambrosial to the eye format.

If you fabricated it this far, I anticipate you prolly get the point I'm aggravating to make. Admitting Jamflex has done a piss poor job of communicating with us, giving us content, buy OSRS gold and just about aggregate lately. We can plan calm to try and accomplish a arrangement that allows us the players to abutment jagex with a little something added abreast from our 11 dollars and accolade them for alert to us and alive on this bold we all hate/love. They get their MTX, we get a little added control. I anticipate in the end award a middleground will be the best band-aid for jagex and us.

MTX should feel like we are affairs it and cerebration "im blessed to absorb 20 dollars on cosmetics, because I apperceive it's acknowledging the aggregation who makes this game" and not like they're aggravating to get milk out of our behemothic man nipples if we are longgggg dry and sore.

Jagex, accept to us and plan with us here, afterwards us you're nothing. If you alpha to accept to your players and accord us allusive agreeable and acknowledgment and accomplish it in fact attending like you accord a fuck, afresh I'm absolute it will abundantly account the all-embracing bloom if the game.

I anticipate we should acquaint jagex what we accurately animosity about accepted MTX systems AND anticipate of account for MTX systems we'd be accept with. Middleground adeptness save us all and our admired game.