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​RuneScape - What T90 weapon to get

news Apr-10-2019

​RuneScape - What T90 weapon to get

I acquire 170m cash, searching to advancement my weapons to T90 to alpha PVM, but borderline whether to get nox scythe, staff, or bow (or something else???). Amuse help! Thank you!

Currently I have...

- Maxed action with overloads.

- Best weapon currently: dragonrider lance, anarchic crossbow, anarchic staff.

- Best armour currently: untrimmed MW, Abounding armadyl, and abounding subjugation.


- Nox agents (130 something m)

- Large rune accessory (like 5m)

- Vuln runes (chaos, soul) (few hundred k, to like 1m)

Spend the draft of the money perking up some chains and the staff. You can advancement to virtus later, allowances are abundant added important.


- Biting 2 combo

- Impatient 3

- Crackling 3 combo

- Enhanced adherence 3


- Precise 3 + calm 2

- Aftershock 3 (if you acquire abundant money larboard for it) (or briefly put a cheap, advantageous perk, like mobile, demonslayer, dragonslayer, or scavenging 2 for the time being)


Before you put aftershock on the staff, buy cinderbane gloves, they're added advantageous and about the aforementioned price.

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