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Jul-04-2019 Categories: news

Decoupling reaper stats makes it so bis is accessible for non-compers. This is a abundant change!

I'm abashed why humans don't aswell anticipate atone deceit "eat" the anhydrate capes for the stats? Humans who adore pvm and are atone can accept both.

When a new pvm cape(s) are releasing, jagex can achieve a accommodation at that point, but I don't see annihilation amiss with atone bistro that cape as well.

We will still accept to get the cape, and cosmetics are a thing. Humans will either override it, or it will attending air-conditioned abundant that humans won't.

Now, if jagex absolutely has an affair with hydrid capes, and absolutely wants us to accept capes for all three styles, I don't apperceive what to say to that. However, I kinda agnosticism that motivation.

Is the atone cape absolutely just cosmetic? It has both a concrete annual with stats and the cosmetic. It's in actuality a maxcape with particles.

I've apparent humans affirmation altered affidavit for the rework like its complete fact. Seems to me there were assorted solutions for these while still absolution atone be bis. I tend to think, removing reaper was the complete activity all along.

Clarification- Atone arresting bis cape(s) = bis cape. Nice advantage for compers who pvm. You could put guthix cape in, or kiln, or max(already has this).

One of the credibility of the Atone Cape "Rework" was to breach the stats from the cape, one of the issues was that pvmers were afflicted to do completionist if they basic Bis stats for the cape aperture which could could cause a lot of abuse whenever a non-pvm affirmation was added to the atone cape.

So they were split, this way not abandoned can pvmers get their bis slots by accomplishing complete pvm (reaper crew) area those stats are in actuality needed RuneScape gold, it makes it so that the abandoned humans who go for atone cape are completionists players and it opens up a lot of new accolade amplitude for the cape slot.

Allowing atone cape to absorb any new capes would abandoned accompany the antecedent issues aback as it would achieve it afresh the bis aback it would accept the allowances of all pvm capes banishment pvmers afresh to go for comp, this is why you no best accept the anhydrate allowances with atone to go adjoin ice strykewyrms, Jagex wants you to use altered capes for altered apache tasks and/or administration and I'd apprehend we're traveling to get a lot of new capes with assorted furnishings traveling avant-garde to achieve this.