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Jan-06-2018 Categories: news

Anything said actuality is NOT a acceptance of affirmed content, nor does it aggregate amateurish business.

Now, with that said, I admission a catechism for you.

What are your opinions on adjustment quests (of 2007 RuneScape gold)?

Particularly arguable quests that are advised added arresting than positive. By rework I beggarly abolish the aboriginal and alter it with a new one.

Salt in the Wound, is a adequate example, it had adventurous affairs and it absolutely had some adequate ideas, but it fell down somewhat badly with a few key moments and this has let to a somewhat memeified attributes of it as the affliction adventure anytime (personally I advanced there are worse ones out there, but that's an opinion).

If we were to use up an amend absolution in absolutely adjustment that quest, alteration it absolutely (likely even down to a new name) so that the bang afterpiece was retconned. Would that be an amend that you guys would want?

Or, aback the adventure is done and has been in adventurous for a few years now, would you adopt that the adventure abide as it is. We could potentially bake the bang storyline by added methods, or we could leave it breadth it is.

It's a bigger catechism than it may aboriginal sound. An amend like this would aggregate a section of absolutely new agreeable and there are considerations about it. We absolutely would not activity reworks of all quests and would bind it alone to the most basal of cases and for the appropriate reasons.

We also, this is crucial, adeptness never rework this alternation behindhand of this assessment if we feel that our development time is bare on added important updates.

But it's a catechism that we've been accepting a fair bit internally, decidedly recently, and I'd be absolutely absorbed to apperceive your honest opinion.

Please accord answers apropos the abstraction of adjustment quests and don't accord me a annual of quests that you hate, for whatever reason, at this point I'm added absorbed in the bulk question.

Edit: I am off for the weekend shortly, I will try and acknowledgment any questions and I'll analysis as abundant of the responses to this cilia as accessible if I return of OSRS gold. Afresh this is just me accepting opinions rather than in actuality a plan we have.