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In the accepted Weapon Diversity blog/beta that JaGeX affairs to release, I feel that some of the problems aren't addressed and the Weapon Diversity furnishings presented aren't a acceptable way to move the activity appearance advanced nor fix any of the problems the appearance currently has. As anyone who basically one-tricks the ranged activity style, I accomplish no claims that my annual are acceptable nor counterbalanced but I approved to arise up RuneScape gold with annual that either accomplish faculty or at the complete atomic accord to the accomplishment axle of the activity style. Amuse acquire that all of the afterward presented annual are abundance abandoned and may or may not be viable, overpowered, smart, asinine or even acceptable annual but I acquainted it was annual administration so actuality we are.

Weapon Type: Abbreviate Bow

Problem's with the accepted Idea: The Abbreviate Bow's adeptness to accord added % accident based on how abutting to your ambition in accepted seems affectionate of adverse to what the Ranged Appearance does to actuate with. Honestly, if I capital to do added accident for accepting abutting to a target, I'd abundant rather use Affray than angle MD of my ambition and shoot it with a bow.

My Suggestion: Historically, if I anticipate of Abbreviate Bows in the history of RS, I mainly anticipate of the fast battlefront speeds and rather lower damage. One of my fondest memories of the Abbreviate Bow was PKing with it Pre-EoC in the canicule breadth Ranged 2H's bedeviled the F2P wilderness by application a Abbreviate Bow to bound blow up accident and traveling for the beheading with the 2H affray weapon. Due to this, I'd like the Shortbow's aftereffect to be the accepted aftereffect proposed for the Throwing Knives weapon type. (Don't worry, we'll abode this later) Shortbows in approach should be weaker than the boilerplate bow as they're a "short-range weapon" and are mainly acclimated to blaze arrows faster with beneath impact.

Weapon Type: Shieldbow

Honestly, this is affectionate of fine, it absolutely just serves a alcove of humans application Shieldbows to lower the cesspool on arresting abilities which adeptness accept affectionate of OP until you apprehend you can't about-face your bow if you ambition to advance that buff. Although I feel like this is a bit too situational and will not get used, I feel like some humans will in actuality advance this by application Shieldbows for Abject Tanking of Off-Tanking in baddest scenarios.

Weapon Type: Composite Bow

Not traveling to allocution about this because there's like… 3 in the bold and they're not absolutely utilized. Fake Bow tbh.

Weapon Type: Charge Bow

I'd rather see this be a affection rather than an complete effect. If this would be alloyed with added Bow allowances such as Longbow and Shortbow, this would be nice but if every weapon is bound into abandoned one Weapon Type, the Charge Bow blazon seems just as if it was a Weapon Title to yield off an aftereffect that a weapon may potentially have. This adeptness be a bit ambagious so I'll put it like this. As of the moment, Noxious Longbow has a Ambit of 9, Seren Godbow aswell has a Ambit of 9 but is aswell a Charge Bow. Activity Diversity makes it so that the Charge Bow Weapon Title makes Seren Godbow a non-Longbow and takes abroad it's 9 range, it will not be a complete acceptable day. J

Weapon Type: Longbow

Problems with the accepted Idea: Honestly, not absolutely a problem, I'd just like to add added to it.

My Suggestion: If I anticipate of Longbows, I anticipate of my time in added amateur breadth a Longbow about gives allurement to shoot targets from afar. Although the Longbow advantage of +1 range(in the Google Doc) does accord this, I'd wish there to be an added benefit instead of accepting Critical hits blurred Cooldowns. In my idea, Longbows will do 5% added accident if arresting the ambition from their max 2 ambit squares. Furthermore, targets that are movement broken or abashed will yield an added 5% damage. The acumen abaft this is to accord players an allurement to in actuality use the Longbow's added ambit and be adored for it. Otherwise, the added 1 ambit is basically extraneous if you aren't traveling to position for it.

Weapon Type: 2H Crossbow

Problems with the accepted Idea: The accepted addict it gives isn't absolutely advantageous at administration w actuality you acquire top accurateness and even in the administration breadth an accurateness addict is beneficial, you usually aren't continuing still. Administration breadth accurateness is accordant such as Vorago or approved Nex generally involves quick motions and areas breadth you angle still and maybe "AFK DPS" doesn't absolutely advance an accurateness buff.

My Suggestion: Crossbows are basically abundant adamant abundant assignment ranged weapons that backpack a agglomeration and blaze a bolt berserk at the target. If aggravating to anticipate of an aftereffect to bout this, I capital to absorb something that delivers big hits but not something too overpowered. Therefore, I came up with the abstraction of an abstraction I'd like to name "Focus". Focus will be a addict if accouterment 2H Crossbows that accord you a collapsed 1% added adventitious to Critically Strike as able-bodied as actuate Bolt effects. This aftereffect endless until you adeptness 10% and resets aloft the next Critical Strike/Bolt Activation.

Weapon Type: 1H Crossbow

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Weapon Type: Darts

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Weapon Type: Axes

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Weapon Type: Javelin

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Weapon Type: Chinchompa

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