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Sep-07-2018 Categories: news

Right now, beans are timelocked, RNG locked, and we deceit finer plan how to advertise animals to get beans. Today, Myfi is affairs accepted amber rabbits. She is abandoned affairs 13 of them too, so we can abandoned get something like 390 beans today. That's in actuality awful.

Tomorrow, this will change from rabbits to something else. We don't apperceive what that beastly is traveling to be so tomorrow there will just be a mad blitz to brand that animal. It could aswell be dragons, which yield a day to raise.

Is it traveling to be reasonable to advertise dragons to the client with 0 notice? No! Its absurd!

Now, traveling aback to the point that we don't apperceive what beastly its traveling to be. It could be any of 49 animals. In adjustment to finer plan for this, we charge to use up 98 coffer spaces to be able to brand on the day in catechism (Ok, you can say 86 because you can abundance 12 animals in pens).

However, application this abounding coffer spaces just to plan for ambiguity is ridiculous! Further, we accept to accede accepting all animals in the aboriginal place. Mod Raven declared that the animals are about rare. Yes, we abandoned accept to do it once, but that's about 2 months of accepting it for the aboriginal time which will abundantly absolute advance on that day.

Some will say that we just charge to get assertive animals, accession them, and delay until a specific day to advertise them. Alright, but afresh accede that there are 49 species. That is an cool wait.

Its a farm, and timelocking is understandable. But there is not a acceptable action if it comes to accepting beans. There in actuality charge to be added avenues fabricated available.

I would like to be able to advertise absolute animals anniversary day (that way we can continuously accomplish allusive progress), with some animals accepting annual added anniversary day if a banker comes by. Hopefully this agency 2-4, not just one.

I like the abstraction abaft amateur endemic farms. This is one of the updates I was in actuality searching advanced to. However, I anticipate there charge to be some above changes to how players can access seeds because appropriate now it is far too apathetic and we can't even abide to accomplish allusive advance as we play. Basically, its a daily. Jagex has declared assorted times that they wish to move abroad from dailies, but it just looks like accession has been introduced.

Buyers arise based on the animals you are raising, you don't charge to accomplish a guess. This would accept been ample out on day 2 of the update, but if it helps plan advanced a little I'd advance just either accepting authority of the accomplished akin animals you can acreage and putting them in whatever pens you accept built, or just afraid to banal animals (bought from Granny) to alpha with until the systems are added absolutely understood.

EDIT: Also, aggregate is counterbalanced about the time appropriate to age animals and the abundance of buyers (which become added abundant and common at capricious times - the burke is abandoned on tutorial so too abounding elements are not alien too rapidly).

We're not necessarily against to adequate the burke some or creating accession outlet, but it would crave rebalancing a lot of the update's rewards, RuneScape gold and we'd rather accord players some time to absolutely accept how the amend works and bulk out the best assets rates. It abandoned seems bad appropriate now, but it's just acumen based on what is currently known. We'll appropriately explain the amend in added detail throughout the anniversary as asked.