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​RuneScape - We charge added ninja updates

news Oct-31-2019

​RuneScape - We charge added ninja updates

Imo assessment there are still so abundant things that can be anchored to accomplish the gameplay added smooth.

Some of them are...

- Why is there still an interface if u accessible up the able-bodied glas apparatus with just one sandstone? u can do just 2 things on it.

- With an amend few months ago we are able to clarify all prayers we havn′t unlocked. can we pls get the adeptness to clarify all prayers we don′t need?

- Aforementioned affair with teleports, i use 1 teleport in my accustomed spellbook and 3 in my lunar book + the maxguildteleport i wanna clarify them aswell.

- We can audit ppl in our accumulation for about bisected a year. why is there still no window just for that wich can just be opend while accepting in a group. every time u are in a abode or in ur ports u can′t audit added ppl and the window get bankrupt because u "need" for both things ur minigamewindow.

- With the sigilslotremovment we are not able anymore to actuate sigils on bequest anymore because its an ability. ik for a lot of ppl its not a big accord but its still a appearance u can use and abounding band for ambit 200m use.

And ofc we don't charge spammessages. Accord us a 2sec cd, afterwards we get a message, for accepting the aforementioned bulletin again.