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​RuneScape - Time for some positivity

news Oct-04-2019

​RuneScape - Time for some positivity

So I accepted reddit a lot. And about the amateur I adore all accept their own subreddits to which I can go to admission news, information, tips etc but this subreddit seems to be after-effects aloft after-effects of negativity. Largely MTX based.

Now to get this out of the way. I am neither for nor adjoin MTX. This column is not about that. I just capital to allotment my endure 1 ages in this bold as a abiding amateur from 2003.

So I afresh started arena afresh afterwards added than a 12yr break. I am pre-EoC, pre-f2p bosses, pre-wildy abatement and wildy re-add cheap OSRS gold ... Appealing abundant pre everything... Therefore I accept aught ability of the ups and downs this bold has accomplished aback I left.

That accepting said, I alternate to acquisition myself in fact afflicted with the arduous consequence of the game, I acquainted in fact absent and couldn't even recognise the UI let abandoned accept what on apple the new activity arrangement was. Because my annual was transitioned from way aback in the aboriginal 2000's my annual skipped any affectionate of tutorials and just whacked me appropriate in the average of lumbridge with a agglomeration of "steel accretion tokens" and 80kGP to my name.

Learning the new activity arrangement was abominable afterwards a tutorial but candidly it's been the best affair I anytime did. I am adequate exploring new places, angry boxy monsters and seeing all of the amazing new agreeable the bold added aback I left.

In my aboriginal week, two players who were maxed bought me bonds and I am now adequate associates for the aboriginal time ever. This has just destroyed my apperception even further. I'm apparently about 2% through the agreeable this bold has to action and I accept no signs of absent to stop. I afresh got arrive to a association and they are consistently online. The bold doesn't assume to be "dying" at all and anybody is in fact helpful.

I couldn't be happier to be aback and capital to accompany some positivity to this subreddit.

Dont affliction about MTX, abiding amateur afterwards 12yrs, never been a affiliate accept abandoned met amazing people, affectionate players who abandoned wish to gelp me learn.