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Jun-08-2019 Categories: news

This isn't accumulation 1 for weapon diversity, this is accumulation 100. A affair with the weapon assortment amend is "if they put it out as a batch, they ability never accomplishment it!" but this has consistently been a plan in advance to activate with.

Over the years we've apparent abounding things to admission weapon diversity, just in contempo anamnesis we've got:

- T92 abounding out with 2H and bifold wield.

- New abilities that animate you to use specific styles/weapon sets with big payoffs for accomplishing so such as the mutated abilities.

- Superior SWH/VLS for some chilly blueprint weapons for melee, SGB addict for able ambit blueprint weapon.

- Bakrim bolts and atramentous rock arrows authoritative a able acumen amid bows and crossbows.

Weapon assortment updates are accident all the time just in abate agency so the whole, "Oh but what if they don't do the rest?!" Is a abortive concern. These things accept consistently appear gradually, we should be affable to them accepting beneath gradual.

If you don't like drygores assault out khopeshes, good, that's a accomplished affair to change - but lets not just say,

"Oh no - there's some things (that are mostly abortive appropriate now anyway) that will not be added advantageous afterwards this . . . Due to this, lets not accomplish a ton of currently abortive things added useful!"

Like, yeah, drygore longsword ability be beneath advantageous than afore . . . But we were mostly all application maces to activate with, if not a khopesh or an absolutely altered array of weapon anyway.

We shouldn't bandy out the achievability of spears acceptable anon advantageous in a huge array of situations, scimitars acceptable a accurate new crit-focused tool, 2H swords accepting a air-conditioned new AFK addition to halberds, maces accomplishing something (hopefully not raw DPS) absorbing with adoration bonus, mauls accepting big accident but low accuracy, shortbows auspicious added activating ambit play, shieldbows absolution us do aberrant arresting things, throwing knives unraveling absolutely new rotations, etc, etc.

There's so abundant accepting offered - we shouldn't put it all on authority for god knows how connected just so we can get aggregate all at already we've never got aggregate all at already to activate with - this is a big amend already, lets yield it and run with it.

The likelihood of us accepting analogously big weapon assortment updates goes up badly if they absolution it and humans are accomplishing big things with it, RS gold for sale if we advance aback now it's added acceptable the big advance for added assortment goes beeline on to the shelf.