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Nov-30-2018 Categories: news

This bold needs axiological changes, not ninja fixes. Disclaimer: I actually apprehend this column to get down voted to hell, And i'm aswell not an OSRS player...

First off, i'd like to alpha by adage - ninja fixes are adorable to humans already acutely invested into the game. They do annihilation to accumulate those mid akin players, or those new players to continue.

Something at the bulk of RS3 needs to fundamentally change. Abacus new skills, big business for new skills, this is a acting fix to get an arrival of new player. Some will stay, sure. But the majority of humans will leave.

And this is area the capital point comes in. The bold needs to be ambrosial to this new bearing of gamers, who are acclimated to accepting their duke held, who are acclimated to burning gratification, who don't charge to wiki everything.

In this department, RS3 fails.

And it's accessible RS3 has TRIED to address to the new ancestors of gamers. Faster exp rates, a new, absorbing activity system, overhauled cartoon to accord the bold a charm.

But Jagex needs to realise, the exhausted arrangement is not what humans are acclimated to - the aboriginal affair to put them off. Humans aren't acclimated to accepting afflicted with aggregate at already that they charge to wiki every abandoned thing.

The bold does NOT charge ninja fixes. Eventually, earlier players who these fixes are directed appear WILL leave/take continued breaks. And the arrival of new players is not abundant to accomplish up for this.

This bold needs accessibility. It needs automatic agreeable updates. It needs absolute axiological changes.

I accept no suggestions for Jagex and what they should do about this problem, but something needs to change - ninja fixes are abandoned at this point of the amateur activity cycle.

Feel chargeless to down vote me, as i apperceive this is not traveling to be a accepted "opinion".

And yes, revamping the Mining and Smithing is a start. But it should not yield years. And yes, RS3 adaptable is advancing out, but that's not traveling to break anything.

RS3's amateur abject has been declining. There was a time if the amateur bases were equal, now OSRS has a lot added players than RS3 does, endure I checked.

I'll accede that ninja fixes are acceptable for the veterans; I about adore application updates added than I do absolute agreeable updates. And maybe that says something about the new agreeable that they're adding. I don't know. But I anticipate the bold does still charge ninja fixes. Though, maybe you meant that this bold doesn't charge baby fixes, but rather fixes and changes on a far greater scale, in which case, agreed.

The exhausted arrangement is not great. RS is the abandoned bold I've anytime played area you can't accomplish an activity if you wish to (aside from about-face based RPGs). Yes it would yield a continued time to fix. Yes they adeptness accept to absolution a new abundance of

RuneScape. But what's the alternative? Afraid to the aforementioned aisle and eventually benumbed the accumulation alternation to a apathetic death? I adulation RS, but yeah, exhausted arrangement isn't a able point.

Jagex actually needs to appoint added people. It's not applicable for a bold of this calibration and about acceptance to accept to adjournment years for things.

I don't apperceive what to advance either, RuneScape gold but something needs to appear eventually.