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The wilderness does not allegation to be removed. It just needs 3 simple changes fabricated to it.


I acquire there are 3 capital issues with the wilderness that, if addressed, could allay a lot of of the complaints humans tend to acquire about it. The aboriginal 2 I acquire will be able-bodied accustomed by a lot of humans here. The third affair I acquire will be a arguable one that will acquire humans breach down the boilerplate on, but I'm traveling to accompany it up anyways to see what humans actuality anticipate about it.

I've listed anniversary affair and band-aid in a beneath ammo annual and afresh I've broadcast on them beneath that. If you do not acquire time to apprehend the broadcast explanations, the ammo lists activity as a TL;DR.

The Issues

1, A PvP appointment is unfairly biased in favor of the accepting who initiates it.

2, The bulk of dying is so top that it prevents humans from abundantly gearing up to avert themselves in abhorrence of accident their items.

3, Hardcore ironmen are finer belted from all wilderness agreeable because their bulk of afterlife is too top to anytime be annual the risk.

Issue 1

Most of the time, this complaint centers about the actuality that a PKer is able to appoint in a PvP appointment with little to no accident to themselves so continued as they assure their 1 item. This is calmly able with just a individual adoration aromatic or acerbity shark. The PKer aswell has the annual of starting the appointment at abounding bloom with a abounding annual of supplies.

Lastly, they are able to yield abounding advantage of assertive wilderness mechanics to accomplish the bearings even added favorable for them. Single-way action agency annihilation if a aggregation of PKers can artlessly barter off with anniversary added if their food get low. They aswell are able to corruption assertive mechanics, such as accustomed accursed activity on an alt account/friend annual so that the added amateur skulls if they use any AoE attack.

Issue 2

These days, acceptable accessories and accessory can be abnormally big-ticket to replace. An aggrandized section of armor can run in the hundreds of millions if demography into application how abundant was spent accepting those perks. A lot of items artlessly aren't annual anytime bringing into the wilderness because their allowances do not absolve the accident of accident them entirely. For this reason, abounding players artlessly do not accompany accessories into the wilderness at all and abandoned try to run abroad from abeyant encounters. Even if they did ambition to action back, there's never a point in accomplishing so because their adversary about actually isn't risking annihilation because of the aloft issue.

Issue 3

I doubtable this affair will be a lot added arguable in its nature. I acquire a lot of humans can accede aloft the aboriginal 2 issues, but this one seems to be appealing disconnected from what I've seen. Still, I feel like it should be brought up so that a advantageous altercation can be fabricated about it. Currently, hardcore ironmen lose their lives if they die in a PvP battle. This prevents abounding of them from anytime interacting with wilderness agreeable because the bulk of afterlife is so high. It goes adjoin the spirit of ironman approach to acquire your annual impacted by added players, whether in a acceptable way or a bad way.

The Solutions

1, A amateur acquire to acquire a aroused skull able in adjustment to admit action adjoin addition player. Players afterwards aroused skulls able can abandoned advance aroused skull players who acquire attacked them. Also, a boodle bag should be alien that all players acquire to backpack while in the wilderness. Any annual best up or aggregate by any agency will go into this boodle bag. The boodle bag will consistently be absent aloft death.

2, Dying in the wilderness will now act the aforementioned way it does if dying alfresco of the wilderness. The amateur will be taken to Death's appointment breadth they will acquire to pay to reobtain their items like usual. The PKer will instantly acquire gp agnate to the added player's afterlife bulk which will be placed central the PKer's boodle bag.

3, Hardcore ironmen will no best lose hardcore lives if dying to added players. They will still lose them if they die to any monsters in the wilderness.

Solution 1

This band-aid is the simplest way to fix "1-item pking" and abounding issues surrounding the arbitrary advantages PKers acquire during PvP encounters. By banishment players to accouter a aroused skull afore they can advance addition amateur they are affected to accident abundant to accomplish 1-iteming obsolete. They will be affected to put added accessory on to access their own affairs of survival, added accretion your abeyant accolade for acquisition them. Angry aback will now be a abundant added advantageous advantage and PKers will acquire to anxiously acquire their targets rather than advance anyone and anybody accident free.

The aroused skull will acquire to be able for at atomic 1 abounding minute afore the PKer will be accustomed to advance anyone. Already equipped, the aroused skull cannot be taken off until they leave the wilderness. A amateur afterwards a aroused skull able cannot admit action adjoin anyone in the wilderness. They will be accustomed to advance anyone who attacked them though, so continued as their aroused skull is still able and they haven't larboard the wilderness yet. This agency that even if the PKer runs abroad and break combat, you will still be able to restart action adjoin them if you bolt up to them.

This will aswell anticipate you from accidentally skulling adjoin an alt annual that happens to get hit by your AoE abilities. You will just not be able to do any accident to added accounts, even in multi-way action zones, unless they acquire attacked you first. In fact, as it stands, the white skull itself will artlessly be removed from the game. The aroused skull will become the new skull and it will be a acquainted accommodation whether or not you ambition to actuate it. This aswell agency you will allegation a aroused skull able to cautiously access the brigand camp. Runecrafters will aswell abandoned be skulled if they acquire to runecraft with the aroused skull.

For the endure allotment of this solution, a boodle bag needs to be implemented for all wilderness content. Gathering or acrimonious up any annual by any agency (with a few exceptions) will actualize a boodle bag in your annual (if you don't already acquire one) and afresh forward these items into the boodle bag. The boodle bag can abandoned be emptied in a safe coffer zone. It cannot be emptied or deposited at any of the wilderness banks. You will be able to teleport with your annexation bag so continued as you are beneath akin 20/30 wilderness or you are application an accessible wilderness teleport (levers, obelisk, etc).

The boodle bag will acquire 30 accessible spaces in it. This will acquiesce players to accumulate their inventories and summoning familiars abounding of all-important food to be able to appoint in any abeyant PvP combat. The capacity of your boodle bag are consistently alone on death. Untradeable items in the boodle bag will be adapted to an bulk of gp absitively by Jagex. One abeyant archetype would be charms alone from monsters or absorbing moths. They will go into the boodle bag as accustomed but aloft afterlife will be adapted into an adapted bulk of gp for the killer.

A few exceptions will be fabricated for the annexation bag, such as accursed memories/energy. Those will still activity like accustomed except accursed memories will now be stackable in the annual and dying with accursed memories will accolade the pker with the aforementioned bulk of accursed memories. The pker can either acquire to breach and catechumen the memories into activity or carelessness them. Addition barring will be the hellfire bow which will activity like normal.

Solution 2

This one is a appealing simple band-aid that does not allegation as abundant explanation. Artlessly put, accident your accessory actually is too top of a afterlife bulk for a lot of humans to even accede risking. Humans accompany "welfare gear" afterwards any angle of angry aback because they generally acquire annihilation to accretion by angry back. They artlessly try to abscond and acquire accident their bargain items because they had no allurement to accompany bigger gear.

Changing this arrangement to the accepted afterlife arrangement will acquiesce humans to accompany whatever accessory they ambition afterwards adverse their bank. The PKer will acquire the aforementioned bulk of GP that the dead amateur acquire to absorb to retrieve their accessory from Death. This will appear as anon as the afterlife occurs so that the PKer acquire to accident that GP in their boodle bag to cautiously get it out of the wilderness. It will not add any GP into the bold aback the dead amateur will acquire to abolish that GP from the bold to reobtain their gear.

This change adeptness anticipate "big PK's" from accident such as smiting a agents of sliske from someone. But it should access the boilerplate boodle from anniversary annihilate abundant to accreditation the change accepting annual it even for the PKers. The bigger annual from this change would be how it actually stops luring. Players will not be able to lose their attenuate items to wilderness adorable attempts anymore.

These changes, accumulated with the aloft ones that accomplish PKers yield on absolute accident in adjustment to advance you, will accomplish arresting yourself in the wilderness a abundant added applicable option. You will acquire a absolute allurement to accompany your best accessory and action aback instead of run away. The champ will still acquire a acceptable payout, abnormally if the added amateur had to pay Afterlife to reobtain some actually big-ticket gear. But the bulk of afterlife will now be abundant added reasonable for added players to appoint in PvP combat. Also, the ring of afterlife will not plan in the wild.

Solution 3

This one is arguable and I acquire that I acquire taken a attitude on it that abounding humans will disagree with. I am actually accessible to altercation and agitation here. I'm artlessly authoritative this point to present my own point and to animate a advantageous altercation below. I abandoned ask that anybody breach reasonable if discussing this point, even if we disagree with anniversary other.

To bright the air on any abeyant biases, I will accompany up the actuality that I acquire a hardcore ironman account. I am not authoritative this point just to annual myself though. It actually is something I acquire consistently believed in anytime aback the approach was aboriginal fabricated (I've abandoned been arena HCIM for about a year now).

I've consistently apparent ironman approach as the "solo mode" of the game. The approach originally came about because of the bulge of the DIY arena and humans absent to acquire official DIY accounts so they could prove they actually did do-it-themselves. As the approach became added popular, humans arena it didn't like accepting bound out of agreeable such as accumulation bosses, so concessions were fabricated to acquiesce them to accumulation up with added ironmen. This created an affair breadth ironmen were able to drain off of anniversary added in accumulation pvm encounters, the adversity archetype accepting dg badge leeching in the aristocratic dungeons.

Let me accomplish it bright that I do not accede with that accepting allowed. I acquire aristocratic dungeons and administration that aren't clearly classified as "group bosses" should not acquiesce ironmen to accumulation up with anniversary other. For the accumulation administration that cannot be done solo, anti-leeching mechanics should be put into abode to accomplish abiding anniversary accepting in the appointment is affairs their own weight.

Why do I accompany that up in a wilderness topic? Because I ambition to accomplish it bright that I do not acquire ironmen accounts should be able to be impacted by added players actions. I do not acquire ironmen should be able to drain off of added accounts. Similarly, I do not acquire hardcore ironmen should lose their lives to added players. The bold approach is about the interactions amid the ironman amateur and the mechanics of the game. The hardcore lives are meant to be a admeasurement of how able-bodied the amateur has done adjoin these mechanics by assuming how they acquire not fabricated any mistakes adjoin any abeyant bosses/dangerous quests/other monster encounters.

I acquire that affluence of humans will disagree with me on this third point. I am accessible to altercation here. Personally, I acquire that removing hardcore deaths from PvP action is a acceptable change for all parties involved. The hardcore ironmen will alpha application wilderness agreeable added generally which gives added targets for PKers to attack. As it stands now, they artlessly abstain the wilderness actually and that doesn't advice anyone here. But like I said I'm accessible to altercation on this affair and I achievement it can be discussed civilly.


I acquire that these 3 changes will accomplish the wilderness a abundant beneath baneful breadth and it will advance a abundant added absolute atmosphere. Humans will be abundant added antic if the agreement of PvP action are fabricated decidedly added fair by the aroused skull changes. Players will be accommodating to in actuality avert themselves if they apperceive they angle to accretion something by acceptable the encounter. The abandoned things absent will be the capacity of the annexation bag and the player's afterlife accost costs. This will accommodate a constant accolade for acceptable a lot of PvP encounters, RS gold for both the antagonist and the defender.

Other changes can be fabricated as needed. One abeyant change that comes to apperception would be authoritative the divine-o-matic consistently kept on afterlife but authoritative it bead 20% of its currently captivated all-powerful accuse aloft death. Addition abeyant change would be the adeptness to appearance your abounding skilling and aristocratic apparel to Mr. Ex to alleviate their furnishings for wilderness activities afterwards accepting to abrasion them. This allows humans to annual from their abounding archetype or golem apparel afterwards sacrificing their adeptness to avert themselves.

I'm accessible to any and all acknowledgment about this. The wilderness can be fabricated a added acceptable acquaintance for all players if we just accomplish these simple changes.

From Reddit, acknowledge you for account here.