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Oct-13-2018 Categories: news

I accede myself a RuneScape quester aboriginal and foremost, as I adulation RS's quests. Their adjustment is different and their amusement is usually atom on. The antithesis of skilling, combat, RuneScape gold and addle analytic is spectacular. Over my endure three years of accepting a alternate player, I've apparent the questing arena of RS in actuality yield a hit, a botheration the bold mods are currently aggravating to fix.

It was appear at runefest this year that currently, alone 11% of players acquire completed Sliske's Endgame, which is adverse news, as it sounds like the absolution for why we are about accepting any new quests. However, this abstracts does not reflect why so few acquire completed this currently "ultimate" quest. So I ask the association actuality why you acquire or acquire not yet completed SE.

For myself, I haven't completed it for two capital reasons. The aboriginal is I abhorrence to action certian administration because they're too able for my cheapskate mentality of never use aspersing gear. Nomad's Eulagy's bang-up action and sliske's three on one action followed by sliske himself are all battles I see alone as a assignment or money bore if I accept to use deathtouched darts to aid those battles.

But those battles are not just barriers do to claiming (I apperceive pvmers would acquaint me they aren't, but they are for my affecting action skill), but aswell the ambience of these fights, which connects to my additional acumen for not commutual SE yet.

Spoiler admonishing actuality if you abhorrence acquirements something about the artifice afore you play the quest, amuse skip this branch if that's the case. Sliske's Endgame charcoal abridged for me as able-bodied because it's a lot of plan for basically no payoff.

Throughout Sliske's questline, he goes out of his way to be our adversary and to aching us, yet for all our efforts to defeat him, he doesn't die or even get defeated. He just pulls a Gabriel from abnormal and turns out he apish his death.

The aberration amid Gabriel and sliske admitting is acutely important: Gabriel's threats appear the capital character(s) are alloyed with 18-carat benevolence appear his foes, so his connected adaptation can be acceptable and even enjoyed. Sliske alien himself by aggravating to annihilate us and accomplish us his wright.

This is a appearance we are not meant to be all that simpathedic towards. So now I delay to complete this adventure because I don't ambition him in actuality central of me. Nomad is in a agnate position for me, as I am annoyed of how abounding times we acquire to annihilate the man. It's a antic and not a funny one. Finality is key to the end of a adventure series.

I do not like breadth RS has been with their quests of late, that is how few there acquire been, nor does this "new" admission address to me either. I don't like how ED 1 & 2 acquire basically become the angle in for quests because it's in actuality pvm content, not a quest.

Quests absorb those three elements of combat, skilling, and puzzles (combat puzzles do not calculation in my book). I do not intend to do the aristocratic dungeons until I can deathtouched bound my way through every boss, because I don't like angry monsters with hundreds of bags of hitpoints to my beggarly 9k.

I abhorrence accepting to assemblage boosts and heals and timing abilities with items all the while badly watching the bang-up to try and bulk out which rediculous advance they're telegraphing next or be hit 3-6k health. And honestly, a "story mode" doesn't advice affect a admiration to play if the appropriate belief drops are still alone a chance.

I never plan on angry solak, verago, telos, or whatever superboss that comes next because that blazon of play isn't for me and if it stands in barter for absolute quests, there is a adequate adventitious I'll abound apathetic with the bold and leave it for good.

TL:DR quests are a fun, different aspect of RuneScape and the convenance should continue. If so few players accomplished Sliske's Endgame, why not acquisition out why instead of bold that you already apperceive why because I was never asked.