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​RuneScape - The new Activity ante in Anachronia are bonkers

news Jul-09-2019

​RuneScape - The new Activity ante in Anachronia are bonkers

The new Activity ante in Anachronia are bonkers for low akin activity training.

No added shall aboriginal activity training be bedeviled by alarm shortcuts and the barbaric alpha course. The new Anachronia activity advance has actually bankrupt activity XP ante that alpha out actually batty at akin 30, and alone get hardly beneath batty as your admission to added activity training methods increase.

The Anachronia activity advance is congenital out of alone sections, with anniversary breadth accepting 6-8 obstacles that anniversary crave a set bulk of activity to cross, starting at 30 and traveling up to 85. Anniversary obstacle rewards 20 XP. If you fail, it dings you for 5% of your health, but you consistently progress.

Here's breadth it gets crazy: At the end of anniversary section, behindhand of the akin of activity required, it awards you 520 XP. And you get this anniversary way. At akin 30.

The fastest breadth is apparently breadth A, abrogation from the arctic of abject affected to the roots aloft the tunnel. Let's alarm it 30 abnormal to complete (edit: with some re-timing, this is about the max acceleration you can analytic run it).

It has six obstacles and awards 620 absolute experience. You can again bifold aback and do the aforementioned obstacles in about-face for accession 620 absolute experience. That's 74400 XP an hour.

For reference, the barbaric activity course, acute 5 added levels to alpha gets you like what? 11000? If you're actually acceptable at clicking? And has obstacles you can abort to advance through?

At akin 52, with no failures, the wilderness activity advance maybe gives out 72000.

I apperceive for abounding of you, the advance of low akin activity training is a abroad nightmare. But if you still allegation to alternation agility, hooo boy, get in on this afore the ante are adjusted.