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​RuneScape - The Belfry of Guardians in RS3

news Oct-22-2019

​RuneScape - The Belfry of Guardians in RS3

Wouldn't it be nice to accept added guilds in RS3? I've apparent some comments afresh talking about a bang-up hub, that's a air-conditioned idea. So I capital to bandy one out myself.

Maybe something like a Belfry of Guardians, something agnate to say a wizards belfry with a axle elevator. Accept it be the tallest architecture in all the land.

Have floors like:

Skilling/max guild/floor Accept accessible things to skillers like the Max Brotherhood has, accept notice/leader boards for accessible advice aggregate skillers. Maybe a portables spot.

Questing guild/floor Accept adventure accompanying things actuality like a butt mays chest. And added accessible things like a aperture to newest adventure start.

PvP guild/floor Some apprehension boards and added accessible wildy stuff. A abode for PvP players to alarm home.

PvM guild/floor Bang-up portal, activity dummys, leader/notice boards, Reaper perks.

Comp guild/floor Accessible things for aggregate aloft max, maybe a admixture of all the added floors with some added perks.

Add some things to floors like apparatus table and portals. Maybe accept something for new players on the basal attic or out in the courtyard.

Can add a basement with accessible things or a dungeon.

Top attic could be all portals to clans and holiday.

Just some ideas. What account do you have?

Would you like to see some of this stuff, even if it wasn't in a belfry ambience like explained above?